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Professional, non-smoking, animal lovers would like to house sit for you

  • Country of residence: United States
  • When can they start: 1 March 2012
  • Available until: 31 December 2014
  • Age: 46-55
  • Occupation: Retired Nurse
  • They have references
  • Any experience with pets? Yes, cats, dogs, cows, horses
  • They don't charge for house sitting services
  • http://Facebook vickiepattersonbayles
  • Last updated: 24 March 2012

About this sitter

We are both college educated professionals who are retired and would like to house sit. Ken is a retired minister and postmaster and Vickie is a retired nurse. We have 5 children together ranging from 20 to 40 years old. Our last 2 children are away at college and we have time to do some things we've always wanted to do. We own a farm and a home in the city. (Which we are trying to sell). We have taken care of farm animals and have experience with most small animals. We currently have 3 labs, 3 cats and a bunny.
We have built two homes, so we know how to do all "handyman" jobs. We've worked on a farm, so we know how to take care of large animals and farming. We love landscaping, gardening, and we are outdoorsmen (women). We love peace and quiet and the more remote the better.
We also have experience with management and operations and can help run a resort if needed.
Ken is an advanced diver and we love the ocean, so we would also like being near a beach.
We are very flexible as long as the weather doesn't get too cold.

Why they want to house sit

We have income from the sell of my business and from my husband's pension so we don't need a job paying lots of money. We love to travel and this is one way we can see new places.

Their experience

We have taken care of a friend's condominium at the gulf and done house sitting locally. We have been a managers, operations directors, owner of a business, a nurse and a homeowner. We have experience in caring for a huge home, a large yard (2 acres), a farm (we own a 40 acre farm - my step-daughter lives there now) and with animals of all kinds (cats to horses).

What can they bring to the assignment

I don't think you'll find a college educated (masters degree) professionals who are willing to house sit and care for animals. We can do all housework and yard work. We have experience with small and large animals. We have experience taking care of a very large home also and manicuring our lawn.
If this assignment involves "handyman work" or heavy work.... Ken can take care of most repairs. He was raised on a farm, and we own one. He can operated all farm equipment. We are both in excellent health and are as active as our 20 year old children. We are avid outdoorsmen and love to garden. Ken is 62 and VIckie is 49. NOTE: We only speak English.



Australia, Belize, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Fiji, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Pacific, Thailand, United States


Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Georgia, Tennessee, N. Carolina, Kentucky, S. Carolina, Florida, Louisiana,

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