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Off grid mountain hideaway with many affectionate dogs

  • This house is in: Spain, Near El Berro Village And 17kms Alhama De Murcia
  • Dates: variable

About this assignment

This isn't an ordinary house sit, it's an experience in unconventional living, off the grid, for an adventurous but highly reliable and practical person or couple. If you feel there is more to life than spotless villas and money, and would like a taste of living in a beautifully natural location with views and no neighbours, complete with NO mod cons to speak of (although there IS broadband internet and UK satellite TV !) then this could be a possibility. You need to speak some Spanish and have provable experience and love of dogs, and not be afraid of doing handy work around the place yourself, as there is nobody else who will do it for you out here! You have to have a survivor's attitude in practical terms along with an appreciation of natural beauty and the best things in life which are free. If you can bring your own car that's even better. There are 7 dogs here, 5 small and very pretty ones which need regular grooming, and two large beautiful ones, which are kept totally separate all the time. You need to be very hands-on here to harvest rainwater when it comes, and keep solar panels dust-free.. and also keep any wildlife out by not leaving doors and windows open! We are talking wild and interesting places here! This house sit is definitely not for the fainthearted! You will also have to be ok about unconventional bathroom/washing and toilet arrangements. We recycle everything here! And I mean EVERYTHING <g>

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Looking after 5 small dogs and two large ones. The small dogs need grooming as some of them have long coats. They are also vulnerable to the large golden eagles that sometimes fly over and can't be left alone outside unsupervised for any periods whatsoever. Keeping the place clean and tidy, weeding the rambling garden area, feeding the chicken (fresh eggs). Knowing how to speak at least basic Spanish for any veterinary emergencies or other reasons, is essential. Own car preferable. So this would appeal to someone already based in Europe who could drive here. If it hasn't already been done, there might be some decorating work to do ie to paint the inside of the very small three-roomed hideaway white again, if on a longer house sit.. it would make it more pleasant for you too. There is a chance of a 3 month housesit over a winter at some point, but a shorter house sit would be a good idea first to try things out and see how it all went.

What are the good features of the property and location

Fantastic, quiet, tranquil natural location with privacy, overlooking the protected natural park area of Sierra Espuna in Murcia. Good climate though can get cold in winter specially at night, but nothing like northern europe. Beautiful walking area. 25 mins to village with 2 bakers, 1 mini supermarket, 2 restaurants, campsite with pool (pool use in summer for a fee) An ideal place to de-stress but you need to love isolation and wild countryside areas to enjoy it here. Depending on the time of year you might get free almonds or figs and there are a couple of lemon trees for the occasional fresh lemon!

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

You need to be very self-reliant and self-sufficient as there is nobody nearby to help. You must speak some Spanish. If you don't like dogs but would 'suffer their company' for a 'free holiday' you'd hate this assignment and a waste of time to even consider it.  The gorgeous dogs here are a main feature of the whole experience and there is no getting away from them, it's for dog-lovers only, who have proper knowledge and experience of dogs. If you like your spotless tiled bathrooms and flushing loos, you won't find those here either! So better to expect the worst and nothing and pay a visit beforehand if possible. A deposit and refs would be wanted for sure, to ensure the sitter stays the length of the agreed time without leaving everything in the lurch. So you must be sure it's for you first preferably with a visit or a short housesit of a few days, before considering a longer one.

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