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Island sitter needed for island in Lake Victoria, Uganda

  • This house is in: Africa, Entebbe
  • Dates: variable

About this assignment

Banda Island was owned and operated (as a small backpackers place) from 1999 until the sad death of the owner in May last year. A group of family and friends are trying to keep the island occupied and operating while deciding what to do with it long-term. Therefore, we need a single person, couple or pair of friends to look after the place.

We are equally happy to hear from people wanting to stay short-term or long-term.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

The island is quite small and already has two staff members so the main responsibility is just being there so the island is occupied. There will be small maintenance jobs but the staff have been there for years and know how to do most things. But if you are handy then there is no reason further improvement works can't be carried out by you.

Guest numbers are low at the moment so the actual amount of work is very low. If guest numbers increase then there's the possibility of negotiated pay/profit share. But, as I said, the main priority at the moment is just keeping the place occupied.

What are the good features of the property and location

It's a private island in Lake Victoria! Lots and lots of peace and quiet, year-round sunshine, lots of bird lief, great for relaxing, sunbathing, learning about a new culture etc.

Accommodation and food is supplied.

You wouldn't have to stay on the island for months at a time without a break. Getting to the mainland every now and again is fine (and probably necessary for getting supplies etc) and the city of Kampala is the usual destination. Kampala has all the normal city amenities - banks, restaurants, fast (ish) internet, medical and dental facilities etc.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

It's a private island in Lake Victoria! So you need to be happy with the isolation (although the main island is only 45 minutes away by boat and mainland Uganda easily reachable from there) and lack of facilities - there is no mains electricity (although there is a small solar-powered system), no TV etc. But there is a mobile phone signal and, via that, sloooooow internet.

Due to its location, you need to bear in mind that tropical locations have the potential to bring health issues. Malaria is endemic in the region but is easily preventable using propholatic medication

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