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Lido dei Pini Anzio 50 km from Roma Italy from now - permanent need!

  • This house is in: Italy, Lido dei Pini Anzio 00042
  • Dates: variable

About this assignment

Looking for a man or a woman that cuts dry leaves and sweeps dead leaves, waters at least one hour a day, preferably in the morning, leaving also the terrace clean and the outside, replacing dry flowers with new ones, possibly maintenance of an old villa. The ideal person can drive a car so as to be independent, although the shops are within walking distance. Plenty of free time for swimming or reaching Roma by bus 500 meters away the stop. No salary only lodging for a couple.


What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

My house sitter should drive 50kms from Lido dei Pini to my Vatican and Parking bnb in Roma quite often. Because it is over there that we wash our clothes and iron and also we help the bnb caretaker. The bnb caretaker is Italian Antonio he is a teacher and he only works on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays , the rest of the week he does not work with me.. He is a splendid person, speaks italian only and does a good job in promoting my bnb on internet. He is good at cleaning and excellent in solving electrical and technical computer problems. It is possible that my Lido dei Pini sitter would sleep in my rome bnb occasionally especially for checking-in tourists that arrive in the weekend. Very seldom my Lido dei Pini sitter would be requested to clean the rooms in Rome ( three altogether but not everyday and not at the same time) except in case of emergency but I will be there. Whenever the bnb has no guests and one room is empty the Lido dei Pini sitter can stay in Rome totally free as a tourist (although my minimum cost is 45 euros per night).

My schedule and the daily work depend on who is checking-in in Rome things that i can do perfectly well myself without any help. So it is understood that my lido dei pini house sitter could follow me or stay at lido dei pini which also depending on the weather. Why would anyone stay if it is raining in lido dei pini? In winter whenever possible, my house sitter and i would stay in rome bnb but i can not offer independent room unless it is empty while I could propose to share the bedroom and the bath with me or with Antonio, the Italian professor sleeping in Rome three nights a week. In winter there is very little work or none at all at Lido dei Pini, unless there is an interior decorator or a carpenter or a plumber or an electrician or a painter, all men’s jobs.

In summer, the situation is the opposite. The main work is in lido dei pini because it is close to the ocean. The work requires an hour to water the garden and the terrace plants every other day. Also in summer three apartments are rented out to tourists from minimum of 7 days to 15 days or a month. I am speaking only of July-August. Usually no one stays in September but it is marvelous as it is in March, April, May, and June and October.

In winter an outstanding and beautiful fireplace justifies the desire to sit in front of it and enjoy.
Total silence.

In the house at the seaside i thought of splitting the work in two. Men will do the gardening and maintenance if the person is a handyman. Women would clean the apartments when the tourists check out which does not happen more than twice a month because if that would happen i would pay a salary.

Married couples usually want to be free at the same time and they do no want to be separate not even for one day, so I would accept a couple even if made by two friends of the same sex provided they respect each other.

The reason why I am not offering a salary is because a single private room with shared bathroom in my house has a value in this country 250-300 euro per month in winter. But bills especially electricity is very expensive. An independent studio on ground floor costs 300 euro two people can fit. Very tiny studio with garden in the same building costs 250 euro but it is very small indeed. Two people cannot fit in. The apartment I propose to couples is mansarda with independent access which can host as far as 5 beds into 3 rooms. The price in winter is 450 euro and in summer it could be 800 when two families decide to have the children sleep in sleeping bags on very clean floor. As general rule, prices in summer are three times higher than in winter time. The process I am writing are without bills, sometimes for two people one hundred euros is not enough per month

Right now I am planning to put air conditioners in every room so it will be comfortable but mind you electricity would cost me a lot for air con.. This is the reason why I was not prepared to offer also food but if the person needs full board I could do it provided what I got in exchange is worth it.

Please remember that on the first month I babysit the housesitters, because they constantly ask me where and how. I think they are very fortunate because I am a worldwide traveler. I speak french, english,spanish and italian and I am a local licensed tourist guide. I used to be an Alitalia cabin assistant and stewardess so i understand all foreign accents and I know the questions and answers to foreign people. I would say that the first month the housesitter should pay me for the lesson of italian culture because in Italy very few people speak english.

I do have local people work for me. And I pay them because I do not offer accomodation. One is Carmen, a splendid Romanian woman who can clean the houses when we need a quick and professional job to be done. The other is Igor, a 33 years old Ukranian handy man who solves problems and good in recycling old stuff. So I do employ and pay local people but they don’t live in the house. Sometimes when I call them, they are busy so they might not be available.

Because of the fact that they are good, sometimes they can’t come especially at the peak of the summer season,. And this worries me and gives me anxiety, so I prefer to have a less specialized person, but being present when I need help. What I want now is somebody to live in the house.

I came to the core of my needs, I need help, so I don’t need the work of somebody that would repeat everyday the same things, but on the contrary a variety of different things need to be done with an established list of priority. If a day is very busy, I am the first one to offer a day off to my hs, because I don’t want them to be unhappy

Please remember it is not my fault if I cannot offer any intellectual job even to qualified people so those applying for my job should know that they can only use their hands. If they are not prepared and feel humiliated, I cannot help it. On the contrary if the sitter has never done a manual job before I request him not to apply for this job because i am 70 years old and I cannot help him to do the job.

What I really need now is a russian speaking person with license to drive my Fiat Fiorino Kubo and take my russian clients to the beach or train although the language problem can be solved by translating on cell phone . and computer. We have wifi and internet in both houses. Also in rome I would need a caretaker but he must be speaking italian and english, and capable of promoting the bnb on the internet. If a woman, I would request to be able to cook.

If the person needs money I should first see if it is worth because I must see how quick and fast and accurate and professional the person is, as well as if the person is a problem solver and willing to help me. A trial of three days is enough for me to say if I am willing to pay the person and how much. For example, anyone reading this letter can send me clients, and gain the twenty per cent

So at the end of this long speech what I need is permanent all year round help rather than a steady job because work is not same quantity and same quality everyday. The person even can have whole week free to travel in Italy. The idea is it is not a job, it is a helping hand when needed and if needed. So flexible, gentle, not stubborn, and if can cook it would be perfect.
I would offer night guided tours or even hospitality to guests, relatives and dogs and cats.

What are the good features of the property and location

You will have plenty of free time for swimming or visiting Rome, the last bus leaves from Subway Laurentina at 10 o'clock at night, the first leaves Lido dei Pini at 5 in the morning. Occasionally when my Rome B&B is empty, my homesitters could sleep In Rome, in front of the Pope's window. To see more about my B&Bs write to me through MindMyHouse and I will give you the addresses of the relevant websites.

There are four bicycles. Tennis, horse riding, swimming within walking distance. A summer camp for children from 5-15 years old is a perfect parking for visiting grandchildren or nephews while the adults are visiting Rome's museums. A church is in front of the playground for young children in the pine forest.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

There are three summer holiday apartments for rentals in the same building, so I ask for a couple because one or both of you must clean the apartments when clients tourist change. A driving license is very useful, and so is computer skills because all my income comes from tourists on the internet, so I have wifi in the building. The apartment where my helpers will stay is probably the mansarda (loft), but this can change. The ones for tourists are first floor attic flower and piano giardino nord. My apartment is Sud and is not shown on the website because it is not for tourists, it is the least well kept. If someone likes repainting and remodeling, there is plenty of work to do! No smokers please. English, French, Spanish and Italian spoken. I also need someone speaking Russian.

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