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How do I upload photographs to my listing?

Adding photos to your photo is now a snap! Sorry, bad pun. First, make sure you are logged in. Then click on the sitter or owner tab from the main menu - this takes you to your homepage, where you can see a summary of your listing. Click on the "My listing" heading link to access the edit page for your listing. If you haven't created your listing yet, it will be created for you.

On the edit listing page, you will see in the first box your current photos, or if you haven't added any yet, a placeholder image. To add, edit or delete an image or caption, just click on the 'upload or edit photos' link under the photos. This will open the image editor. At the top of the image editor you will see your thumbnails (there is a limit of four images). Under that is the new image upload form. Use that to upload a new image.

You can choose which image to feature on the search results and as the main image in your listing. To do this, click the 'highlight' link under the thumbnail. You can upload any image as long as it's a JPEG, PNG or GIF formatted image. For the technical minded, it needs to be less than 8Mb, or less than 4000 pixels across. Captions can be added when you upload an image, or click the 'edit' link under the thumbnail to bring up the caption edit screen.

When you're all done, click the 'save' button and your all done. Looking good! If you want to see your photos at full size, just click on a thumbnail to see them in all their glory. If your seeing a white screen with nothing on it, please email your photos through to instead and we can add them for you.