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From: 16 July 2019
Until: 29 December 2019




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About this sitter

My name is Christopher, I am a 60 year old single male freelance writer. I lead a nonsmoking, non-drinking active lifestyle, with interests in the arts, biking, swimming and hiking. I have traveled extensively worldwide, including visits to Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin
I am looking primarily for a long term house sit in the U.S., but am open to any new experiences where I can encounter interesting places, people and pets!

Why they want to house sit

Why, to meet new people who have extraordinary pets to care for in new places to visit, that's why!

Their experience

I possess nearly 5 years active experience as a house and pet sitter. I have had several long-term sits to my credit, including one in Hawai'i, on the Big Island. Initially, the sitting arrangement was to be for a duration of 6 weeks. It expanded into a period which lasted nearly 3 years!

The owner of the house traveled frequently back and forth from Hawai'i to the mainland, leaving me to care for the residence and his wonderful cat, Sammy. It is the owner's satisfaction with the quality of care I have provided his property, as well as his precious pet that resulted in the extension of my stay.

What can they bring to the assignment

I have maintained a consistent reputation for reliability when caring for other's property long before I began my experiences as a house sitter.
For nearly 25 years I was an independent shipwright. I performed repairs and restorations on a host of vessels where, in most cases the owner was not aboard during the process. My reputation for being responsible and professional earned me the complete trust of every client, who felt confident that their substantial investment was in capable hands. Because of my experience in working as an independent contractor, I have cultivated an ability to solve problems and improvise effective solutions. This skill serves well in handling any incidental scenarios that should arise in your absence.
I have a natural affinity and adoration for animals, and truly enjoy the merits of their company. I always make new creature friends every time that I am on a house sit.

As a final note, I have numerous credible personal references to offer, but this site does not have the ability to properly display them. All are available to examine by anyone who is interested in me house sitting for them.

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United States

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From: 16 July 2019
Until: 29 December 2019

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Last updated: 3 June 2019