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Love, Love, Love Dogs and Cats & A+ experience caring for homes

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Dog(s), Cat(s), Fish, Reptile(s) – Currently available for assignments lasting two weeks or less.

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From: 15 February 2019
Until: 16 February 2020


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About this sitter

Hi, My name is Mary Jo Barbato and I'm offering my pet/home care services free of charge. I am very much a loner but thrive on the company of my dog, Paige. I've always had a dog but they number only four because they all lived a wonderful long life. I'm a cat lover too and have had four cats over the past 20 years. All of my friends and associates know of my affinity for animals so people know they can approach me to care for their pets. I've never made a business of it or taken any money for it. I love doing it. I want to house sit because though a loner, I yearn for a change in scenery particularly warm weather climates. When you read further, you'll see my professional career more than qualifies me to care for your home. My home is my hobby and I'm always looking for ways to improve or perfect a situation that needs attention. It comes naturally to me and it's what I'll bring if you charge me with your home care while you're away.

Hi everyone. My name is Mary joarretiree but monotony led me back to school where I learned a newprofezzjon in the health because for as long as I can remember I've had a desire to travel and see the world. What I'm looking for in a house sit...I'm looking for short term assignments, two weeks or less. I'm looking for jobs with cats and/or dogs to care for because I have a lot of love to give and thrive on giving it to animals. They always love you back. Due to my career as a property/renovations manager, I'm kind of a "home care junkie"; I enjoy other peoples' homes. Individual taste and different styles fascinate me. It doesn't have to be big or fancy. I simply want exposure to a variety of environments with the added bonus of built-in companions to care for and share my time with. I don't have any needs except WIFI and anything surrounded by nature would be a big plus. I love the outdoors and enjoy long walks. I'm also an avid reader and find peace being alone with a good book and someone warm and furry by my side.

Why they want to house sit

In short, I want to house sit because it's something I'm very good at and I like being alone with a task I can absorb myself in. I'll take loving care of your pet/s and do extra while caring for your home if you so desire. Would you like all the linens changed? I'll do that. Would you like a piece of furniture such as a curio or china cabinet and contents detail cleaned? I'll do that. Some gardening, weed pulling? That's my passion. I'm an amateur gardener and love the outdoors. No charge. It's enjoyable to me. I included a picture of a pond and garden I built in my backyard last summer. I love to walk and if walking your dog is needed, the longer the better.

Their experience

I mentioned my pets and the pets of many friends and associates that I've cared for but I've also cared for pets of families who needed to hire a dog walker and/or sitter. I have letters of recommendation and character references. My career in Property Management included the daily care of many executive homes, guest houses and residential estates. I received hundreds of hours in training and hold two certifications: RPA (Real Property Administrator) and CPM (Certified Property Manager) I'm quick on my feet, capable of making decisions and know how and when to react during an emergency. Whatever level of communication you would require of me while you're away will be met including pictures. Many folks love seeing pics of their pets while they are gone. I was also a renovation project manager and am knowledgeable regarding HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.

What can they bring to the assignment

First and foremost what I bring to this assignment is a big heart for animals. I'm full of love and want your pets to experience my warmth and loving touch in your absence. Secondly, I bring maturity, a very respectful attitude, and experience in a variety of fields. I'm a proud homeowner and promise to treat your home with the respect it deserves and to honor your privacy above all else. What sets me apart is my ability to provide oversight should you consider hiring a contractor for a minor project to be done while you're away, ie: bathroom renovation, carpet installation, painting, etc. During my career, in addition to the corporate owned residential properties in my charge, I had access to the private homes of our chief executives to handle emergencies or special home projects. This access was granted to me only after I had proven myself and earned the highest level of trust from senior management. Finally, I think you'll find me very warm, compassionate and personable. You'll have peace of mind leaving your home and your pets with me.

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United States

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From: 15 February 2019
Until: 16 February 2020

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Last updated: 15 February 2019