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Reliable and caring. Single woman.Animal loving. Mid or long-term house-sitting



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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Goat(s)

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From: 6 January 2020
Until: 16 September 2020


Language Teacher, Traveler, Freelancer


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About this sitter

*** I AM CURRENTLY ON A LONG-TERM HOUSE SITTING ASSIGNMENT IN PORTUGAL until January 2020. Feel free to contact me if you think I am the perfect match for your house-sit!

I am Rocio, and in March this year, I returned from a 5.5 year-long journey by bicycle from Japan to Spain. I am 40 years old, healthy and fit with a positive outlook on the world. I was born in the Spanish-Galician countryside bordering Portugal, surrounded by animals and nature. I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, and since my early childhood, our furry pets were always a part of our family. We had rabbits, cats, and dogs, and actually one of my first jobs, when I was still a teenager, was walking out neighbor`s dogs and watering their plants. :) I have traveled extensively since my early 20s and have lived and worked in several countries. I speak Spanish, French, and English fluently and I am comfortable with Portuguese and Italian. My Japanese is conversational and I can get by a little bit in German too. The last 5 and a half year I cycled across 30+ countries and circa 65 000km from Japan to Spain. A mid or long-term house sitting would be an excellent opportunity to catch my breath! I am a non-smoker, clean, and I enjoy waking up early and following healthy life patterns. I don`t mind to house sit in a remote and solitary location amid plenty of nature. I am the type of person who can enjoy a simple living and solitude is rarely an issue. Left to my own resources, I am myself quite a DIY person and can handle basic repairs around the house, as well as basic gardening too. I listed only 3 countries for house-sitting, but I would consider any other location if it suits my needs.

Why they want to house sit

I lived and worked in Japan teaching languages for 5 years and in 2013 I left on my bicycle with the aim to reach Spain with my own power. It took me 5,5 years on the road to finally reach Spain, where I spent some time with the family. 5,5 years cycling solo across Asia and Europe is extremely enriching but the road is also quite demanding. I am now ready and eager to stop and give myself time and space to evolve in a single location for a few months looking after your beloved pets and your house, grinding and making coffee in the morning, cooking and baking bread, reading a lot, writing a book about my travels and taking time to develop on online activity. After being always in movement and outside for the last years, I would be now very happy to spend plenty of time around the house. House/pet sitting would allow me to feel I am still traveling as I get to know a new location and at the same time it would be like a home away from home, and I will care for it as if it were my own, with the utmost respect.

Their experience

Besides the occasional house-sitting for friends and family ( watering plants, collecting the mail, feeding, walking and giving love to their pets), I have started house-sitting on a full-time basis this year.
I house-sat in Galicia for a few weeks in April and May. She was one of the village neighbors. I looked after the house and Ruso, her friendly and easygoing dog. I would send her updates and photos so that she would stay reassured and could enjoy her time away with peace of mind by letting her know everything was going fine. It was a great experience that highly benefitted both of us.
In June and July, I was house/pet sitting in the Asturian countryside for two whole months. Besides looking after the lawn, I took care of one pony and 4 labradors. I would take them out for daily walks, groom and feed them. They were such great company!
I am currently house-sitting in a renovated windmill in a remote area of Portugal. It has been a three-month assignment and it has been splendid staying here.

What can they bring to the assignment

For pets, having their owner away is disruption enough, so I understand the importance to maintain consistency and therefore respect their routines and the homeowners instructions. I also understand that every pet has its own personality and it` s important to know what they like or dont` like. Some pets like a belly rub, others prefer to be left alone.

As for the care of the house, I understand that every homeowner may have their own requests concerning home and gardening and I am willing to follow instructions of what is required to perform my assignment at its best, while making a conscious use of the resources ( water, electricity, etc). I feel confident with handy tools and DIY to do basic repairs if required and after consulting the home owner, of course.

Also, so that you can have peace of my mind for your home and your pets, I will be happy to send you updates and photos to let you know that everything is working out fine.

And after you return, you will find your house and your happy pets as you left them.

Available to house sit

France, Portugal, Spain

Availability dates

From: 6 January 2020
Until: 16 September 2020

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They don't charge for house sitting services


MindMyHouse member since 2019

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Age: 36-45 years old

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Total completed house sits: 2


Perfect house sitter!

We couldn't have wished for a better house sitter than Rocio. Our home is in a remote area and so we needed someone independent and confident in their own company. And that is Rocio! She kept us up to date with news, looked after the windmill impeccably, and worked out issues on her own without bothering us. She speaks many languages (including Portuguese) and so communication was never a problem. She looked after our place for three months and we would love her to look after it again in the future. Please come back Rocio!

Fiona, Portugal, 14 February, 2020

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Good in the garden

House sitting in Robledo(Asturias).

Durante el mes de Junio y Julio tuve en mi casa sita en Robledo, Asturias, a Rocío como house sitter. Sus tareas principales eran cuidar de mis cuatro labradores, pasearlos, atender a mi pony y cortar el césped de la finca. Muy contento y satisfecho con su servicio. Persona organizada, ordenada, buena con los animales y en el jardín. Se puede confiar plenamente en Rocío para la realización de tareas relacionadas con el cuidado de casas y animales. Espero, si se diera el caso, volver a contar con su ayuda. Gracias Rocío.

ALFONSO, Spain, 03 August, 2019

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Good in the garden
  • Handy around the house


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Last updated: 30 December 2019