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Rescue volunteer looking for a pawsome adventure!

United States


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Pet experience

Dog(s), Cat(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Guinea pig(s) – I am always open to learning new methods of care (nutritional, holistic health, behavior, etc.) and also about animals I've never cared for before.

Police check

They don't have a police check


From: 1 October 2019
Until: 4 March 2020


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About this sitter

I'm a rescue volunteer for Boxers and large breeds; however, I love all animals. I have my own dog. I also keep a Boxer when his owner is deployed. I've kept him for 2 years and now, again, for another year. I have also sat for friends for extended periods ... dogs and parrots. I am 50, divorced, no children, no drama. My personality type is INFJ (you can look it up, describes me perfectly). I am looking for an interesting place to visit for my week's vacation in the fall/winter months.

Why they want to house sit

I'm looking to house sit for someone during my week's vacation. I can schedule this anytime after October 1st through March 4th and yes, I would be willing to sit during the holidays (but can only be gone for a week). I will not bring my dog during that time. I would only bring my dog if I were sitting locally (for example, Nashville). I already have arrangements for my personal dog when I go on vacation. I will ONLY charge sitting fees if I sit locally, not if I go somewhere on vacation.

Their experience

Yes. I can provide references (email addresses/telephone numbers) of rescue people I volunteer with and people I know, who I have pet sat for previously, most for extended periods. I do not mind getting a background check done. I have never been arrested or even accused of anything criminal.

What can they bring to the assignment

My nurturing, giving, and fun-loving self! I might not remember your name right away, but I'll remember your furkid's. lol

Also, I do not mind coming to your house to sit locally for a small fee, but I do have to bring my personal dogs with me. (This is ONLY if done locally...i.e. Nashville area).

Available to house sit

United States

Availability dates

From: 1 October 2019
Until: 4 March 2020

Do they charge?

They sometimes charge for house sitting services


MindMyHouse member since 2019

Personal details

Age: 46-55 years old


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Last updated: 16 July 2019