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Seattle based for 18 years with East Coast roots + a penchant for travel!

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From: 1 February 2020
Until: 31 January 2021


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About this sitter

Born and raised in New England, I’ve lived the last 18 years in Seattle. For the past two years, I’ve been housesitting nearly full time while continuing to work at my job of almost seven years. Being rent free in one of the most expensive US cities has been such a gift. I absolutely adore my repeat client families; their pets include cats, dogs, chickens and even a hedgehog (who sadly passed away — thankfully, not on my watch). I’m coming up on a job transition in early 2020 and I would like to leverage this opportunity to spend part of next year closer to my mom and maternal grandparents (96 and 90) who reside in northeastern Connecticut while also taking time to travel abroad. I’m focusing my search to housesitting assignments located in the Boston metro area, Portland Maine, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. 2020 is sure to bring new opportunities and I am keen to learn where it will take me.

Why they want to house sit

The opportunity to live in someone’s home and enjoy their space without having to pay costly rent is what initially inspired me to start house sitting back in 2017. To this day, I never take an assignment for granted. I’ve always been a moderate income earner and in Seattle where the average rent for a studio apartment (300-500 sq ft) is $1200-$1600 per month I get to save on rent and enjoy additional living space by offering free housesitting. In September 2017, I decided to go “all in” and gave up my apartment. It’s been such a wonderful journey. This model of living is a win for me and a win for my clients. As the temporary steward of someone else’s home I get to enjoy a beautiful space that is much larger than that which I could afford on my own. In exchange, my clients get a reliable, trustworthy and experienced sitter for free.

Their experience

Yes, I’ve been housesitting nearly full time in Seattle since September 2017 and have excellent references from repeat clients.

What can they bring to the assignment

With a little more than two years of continuous house sitting, I am confident in my ability to care for your home and pets while you are away. In the past, I’ve cared for mostly dogs and cats but also chickens and a hedgehog. I grew up with two goats and horses (my father was a ferrier) so both rural assignments as well as urban ones (I’ve lived in the city for 18 years) are of appeal to me. While I wouldn’t say I have the most advanced green thumb, I’ll follow your indoor//outdoor plant instructions to a T. It may be worth mentioning, I am comfortable managing an assignment through inclement weather. Last year, while on an assignment, my car got snowed in unexpectedly for approximately ten days. I did not fret. I made sure to keep the heat up in their old home (poorly insulated) and before the sudden drop in temps occurred I helped to bleed a line that went from the basement to an outside spigot. I traced the line and found a valve on the basement wall and let the air//water out so the pipe did not freeze. I’m also happy to do basic yard maintenance//snow removal as needed or requested. I have experience with older//infirmed animals and am comfortable giving medicine as long as you show me the technique that works best for your animal. Some more unusual experiences include feeding live cockroaches to a hedgehog (this was a first!!!!) and calling for furnace maintenance because the oil company came to fill the tank but forgot to prime the line after fill up so the furnace was backfiring and filling the basement with smoke. The owner was in Australia so I calmly turned the furnace off and called the company to inquire. Amazingly, they were responsive (it took a few days and the house dropped about ten degrees in temperature) and the issue got resolved. I’m not especially mechanical or “handy” beyond the basics but I will keep a very close eye on things and can manage the shutting off of water lines (sometimes necessary if home has a well and there is a bad thundershower), flipping a switch on a circuit breaker, changing light bulbs//batteries in smoke detectors, etc. If something arises that need attention I am good about using my resources to troubleshoot. I will provide you with frequent//daily summaries if you’d like this or if you prefer to holiday in peace without annoying updates I will only reach out if a question arises. One of my greatest strengths is adapting to a new environment. I will keep your home as it was when I arrived and will keep you apprised of anything that is atypical or is in need of your attention. You will have peace of mind knowing your home and your pets, if any, are well cared for while you are away.

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From: 1 February 2020
Until: 31 January 2021

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