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Willing slave to my many cats needed from May, URGENT, SITTERS HAVE JUST PULLED OUT.

Spain, Puente de Salia, Andalucía


  • Cat(s)

They have 24/7 access in and out of the house and hope to be fed twice a day, some are permanent residents and properly mine, the others are varying in regularity and not tame enough to handle as yet and these do not spend as much time indoors.


  • Period available: 3 months, 2 weeks
  • Starts: 22 May 2019
  • Ends: 8 September 2019


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About this assignment

Would you like to stay in my house rent free from late May until early September, take care of my many cats and the property? You must love cats and have experience of living with them. You must be reliable and trustworthy. You may need a sense of humour, this is Spain and these are cats......ideally you would drive and it would be useful if you speak some Spanish. Someone who isn't looking for a posh holiday but will appreciate a home filled with books, music, and cats.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

My cat family mostly found me rather than the other way round and expect their human to love them and take regular care of them. They need feeding and litter trays emptying and water bowls changing. Because cats are cats, you may also have to remove the evidence of their nocturnal hunting habits or the occasional accident. They may or may not demand or appreciate attention and a bit of fuss but they will expect to dictate the terms. I want someone here who will not just feed them but act in my place to see that they are well and safe and do something about it if they are not, who will keep me informed from time to time, who will get on with their own life whilst not neglecting daily care of the true rulers of the house, and who is adequate to taking them to the vets (5 mins away if that) should the need arise. Care of the house, any problems let me or the landlord know if you can't fix it yourself, so just normal stuff, it's your home for almost 4 months and mine the rest so please respect the structure and the contents as I hope you would your own. A few plants to water regularly. And maintenance of the car if you're going to use it.

What are the good features of the property and location

It's in a beautiful part of the Axarquia region, an hour's drive from Malaga and not much more to Granada, near several natural parks and the reservoir at Vinuela. It's not quite campo (countryside out of town) but it's an individual property near the original Spanish village part of Puente don Manuel, on a short concrete track off a normal road, with easy walking distance of several bars, two local small supermarkets, a large butcher's, the local bakery (and the vets) near a petrol station which also sells gas bottles and has a convenience store section, and you can top up phones and get cash from machines at one of the supermarkets. There are buses three times a day down to the coast but not very attractive times. It's 25 mins down to the coast at Torre del Mar. The chemist and the health centre are in the next village less than 10 mins away by car, as is the bank. There is a local fruit and veg/English shop and a couple of small monthly car boot sales within a short drive. Town markets in the larger towns of historic Velez Malaga and also Torre del Mar both weekly on Thursdays. The house is on two floors and set on a slope so entry is upstairs as it were, the house is old Spanish but without any real depth of character so don't expect charming old and was part of a group serving the disused olive press opposite. There is one neighbour behind the house and one in front, the other side of the olive press, and a group of houses which was the original village just a the end of the track where it comes off the road. There is now a Chinese shop selling allsorts at that location. The guest room is yours for the duration as is the whole house except for my own bedroom. Upstairs as you come in is a reception/living room, the kitchen, the main bathroom and my room. The stairs go down to the main living room with fireplace, door to the back yard (enclosed), the study (small bedroom originally), the second bathroom and the guest bedroom. The kitchen has a hob, microwave, toaster, electric kettle and tabletop oven. There is internet available at cost (25 euros a month), bottled gas for cooking and heating water (if it runs out it will be for you to replace it, usually around 16 euros but lasts months in the summer). Electric fans, outside furniture, a paddling pool you can certainly sit in, parking, a bit of land, a roof terrace, and a track passes the house which goes to the bars and shops in the vicinity. A contribution to the electricity is part of the deal, 25 euros per month, and use of the vanette is negotiable in terms of use and cost. It's comfortable rather than posh, it's a home not a holiday rental. So no air con or pool. What I offer is rent free living for over 3 months in exchange for cat care and house sitting

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

I'd want you to think whether you can stick with this for the duration; I have to work in the UK for this period every year and what I want is to be able to leave my cat family, the entire contents of my house and my vehicle with someone who will treat all of that as I would. I don't expect noisy parties, anti-social behaviour, absences overnight unless agreed with me so I can try to make arrangements for cover for the cats, damage to the house or the contents - the house is rented but just about everything in it is mine - so please don't treat this as just a holiday with a bit of cat feeding thrown in. I can't pay because I don't earn enough, not because I'm too tight, so I hope to give benefit to someone who can use a summer without rent to pay and would like to spend it in a beautiful part of Spain and enjoy the company of my cats. The numbers of cats can sound daunting but it varies according to who actually lives here as opposed to turns up for meals. I own (as much as anyone ever owns a cat) 14 at the moment and there are anything up to almost the same number loosely attached to me who may or may not reside permanently and who are at this time not tame enough to handle although we are working on that. I need to be able to go away to work without worrying about what is happening here. I'm happy to discuss this further with anyone interested this far. I provide what may be thought by some to be too much information but I prefer that nobody comes who isn't fully aware of what they are coming to, no nasty surprises for either side. So can you live without aircon and a pool? can you endure the heat and adjust your lifestyle accordingly? can you accept that the Spanish way of life can be verbally noisy at a time when all windows will be open? I would like to meet a sitter(s) if at all possible before agreeing the sit, certainly we would need to exchange a lot of information. You need to be prepared to either visit beforehand to meet the cats and get to know them and the house or to arrive a couple of days before I leave so there is a hand over period. When I return I like to have at least a few hours hand-over the day I get back but if it suits better to stay overnight that's fine, more than one night is negotiable. You need to be available for the whole period which given the ridiculous Brexit scenario may be a problem if the 3 months stay becomes a reality for anyone non EU. In the unlikely event the time has to be split between two sitters then ideally both would need to be available to at least visit before I leave, I would not want for one sitter to hand over to another I had not met. I would expect to leave on May 22nd and return on 8th September although this is not yet fixed. If you can enjoy being in a lovely part of Spain whilst caring for my cats and would appreciate the benefits of rent free living for over 3 months, I'd like to hear from you!

Last updated: 17 March 2019

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