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Myrtle and Methuselah have requested a human can opener

  • Location: United Kingdom, Loanhead
  • Period available: 6 days
  • Starts: 8 July 2018
  • Ends: 14 July 2018
  • Testimonials: They have no testimonials
  • Pets: Cat(s)
  • Last updated: 14 June 2018

About this assignment

We are looking for someone that can be a food dispenser and door man for Myrtle and Meths whilst we attempt to do a motorcycle tour of the midge infested Highlands.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

To feed Myrtle and Meths twice a day and let them out in the morning, (though when I'm around it somehow escalates into a 50 snacks a day schedule). Methuselah insists on doing his neighbourhood watch and will engage in a staring competition with various feline neighbours. Myrtle will skip about for couple of hours and play table tennis with bumble bees if left to her own devices. The rest of the day they go into a state of convalescence, which means you're free to hit the town, go shopping, get your hair done, do an oil painting of the castle etc.

Please note, I do feed them a raw food diet, so if you're unsure about spooning out raw meat, please let me know and I can switch them to canned food, which they do have from time to time. All meat is prepped in small tubs and left in the freezer, I'm vegan, so my neighbours are very baffled when they see me chopping up a carcass.

What are the good features of the property and location

We are located just outside Edinburgh bypass, so easy to get to all parts of Edinburgh. The centre of town is approximately 5 miles, I usually cycle but the bus service is excellent, with a bus stop being a 2 minute walk away. Free on street parking is available. We are next to Straiton retail park, which has all the usual rubbish waiting to go into landfill that retail parks have to offer but convenient if you wish to buy a pair of curtains or this seasons sofa.

Sainsbury's is within walking distance as is a small M&S. I get a local organic veg box delivered every friday, which you're welcome to if you like your veggies, otherwise I can postpone it. There is a brilliant farmers market every Sat 9-2pm in the centre of Edinburgh.

We are close to Roslin chapel and the very beautiful Roslin glen, which is great for walks. The Secret Herb Garden is only 2 miles away, a great place for a cuppa and piece of cake. There is a leisure centre half a mile away with swimming pool and gym. The bus service runs almost 24 hours.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

We are both freelance so we are looking for someone who is fairly flexible with regards to dates. We have already had to cancel this trip once due to last minute work commitments, so this would suit someone that doesn't have to travel far as we can only confirm a few days in advance unfortunately.

Myrtle is a fussy eater, she picks at her food and then wanders off, this would be fine but Methuselah is usually on standby to help wash up and the vet has insisted I send him to boot camp and add him to a weight watchers programme.

Both cats have four legs, been neutered, microchipped and vaccinations are up to date. If there are any problems, we are registered with Loanhead vets, located one mile down the road. I always leave a big bowl of fresh water on the floor where I feed them. Myrtle had a bad reaction to metacam painkiller following a dental procedure in Nov 2017 which unfortunately affected her kidneys, so she needs access to fresh water. She is a lively wee cat otherwise.

Thank you for reading :)


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