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Home and Pet Owners - Mike & Vida - Highgate, London

United Kingdom, London Borough of Islington, London, England


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  • Period available: 5 days
  • Starts: 17 December 2022
  • Ends: 22 December 2022


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About this assignment

We would preferably want a couple.

Teddy is incredibly sensitive because of his up bringing. We are looking for people who are very patient and loving towards animals. He has a few fears, so he needs to be reassured that everything is ok.

We would like people who will play with Teddy a few times a day (indoors) just to keep him mentally stimulated. This tends to keep him more relaxed.

We are looking for people who will stick to the routine that Teddy already has.

People who will respect our house and look after it the way we do. In the warmer months, we would appreciate our potted flowers being watered in the garden :)

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Teddy is our world and we care for him deeply. We would expect the same high level of the love, care and patience we give to him everyday. I feel incredibly anxious leaving him with folk i do not know. It is so important that whoever looks after Teddy has a genuine care and love for dogs.

He is completely toilet trained, is great with commands, loves to play games at home such as fetch or find. He can be left alone for around 2 to 3 hours at a time but i'm really looking for someone who is not interested in major sight seeing etc, resulting in leaving the dog alone everyday for hours on end. This dog is mainly always with us and travelled to the office everyday when lockdown was lifted briefly in the summer months.

He cannot be tied up outside a shop under any circumstances.

He is very cuddly, funny and full of love. When ever we feed him or give him treats he nearly always will come up to you and lick each ankle once to say thankyou. Its strange but true and very sweet. He does tend to follow you around the house a lot which i personally love. He does require some mental stimulation at home due to being walked on the lead all the time, so i play fetch or find a few times a day which keeps him happy. Other than that, he is very busy destuffing his Teddy's. He is always stocked with lots of Teddy's and so far hasn't chewed any house hold goods. He will take your socks, so you would need to lock them away.

He loves people but is not good with other dogs at all, so strictly lead walks only. We currently walk him through a very pretty mock Tudor estate to avoid the stress of 101 unruly lockdown puppies and young dogs approaching him when he is on a lead and they are off. Do not take him into the park at any cost.

We purchased him at 7 months of age but unfortunately, their family dog became very jealous and attacked Teddy at home many times as a growing puppy. He had to defend himself one too many times, leaving him to feel fearful and feeling the need to protect himself. He is fine to be walked for one hour a day around 12pm - 1pm to break up the day. He is good walking on the lead as a result of my dog trainer.

He does not sleep in our room at night but is always invited to come and lay on the bed in the evening before we sleep and in the morning upon waking. we also have a team of 2 house cleaners that clean for us every Thursday for 2 hours.

He needs to be fed twice a day. He is on strict diet as he has a very sensitive tummy.

You will fall in love with him :)

What are the good features of the property and location

We are a couple in our 40’s who under normal circumstances travel several times a year to the USA for work. We also go on holiday for pleasure.

We live in Highgate London. We have a beautiful almost 3 year old male Staffy called Teddy that will need to be loved and cared for at home as he does not like other dogs. He also does not like travelling or new places. He is a home body. He does love his walk.

He is a member of our family and the heart of the house, so we need genuine dog lovers who will give him the love and attention he requires. He is a people lover and is incredibly sweet, sensitive and intelligent. He keeps himself busy de-stuffing his teddy bears and is a sock thief, so watch your socks :)

We are lucky to own a beautiful, interesting and very quirky 4 story, Grade 2 listed early Georgian House in Highgate, London. The house dates back to 1730. All renovations were completed in January 2020, so everything is clean and new. We are very clean and tidy individuals and take a lot of pride with the up keep of this house.

Before the House was built, it was a pub called The Old Crown. The pub burnt down and the only surviving room was the Snug, which was kept when building the house, so it adds a lovely bit of history to the property.

First floor/Ground floor: Snug, Kitchen, dining room, toilet and entry to our garden which is a lovely little garden to lounge around in during the warmer months.

Second floor: Living room with balcony looking on to garden, spacious corridor area with seating and study with a day bed and balcony with a view of London City.

Third floor: Master bedroom with stand alone bath (Amazing views across the city) Bathroom with shower and WC.

4th Floor: Another spacious bedroom with amazing views across the city.

We have a very pretty small park called Waterlow park across the road from us and we are a 15 minute walk from the very well known Hampstead Heath. Highgate is littered with lots lovely pubs. We are a 2 minute walk from Highgate Village which has a Tesco's local, a lovely green grocers, Butchers, independent wine shop, Odd Bins, Health food store, cake shop, Gail's, Gin shop, Book shop, dry cleaners, Gourmet food shop, Nail bar, hairdressers, Ice-cream shop, chocolate shop, house hold goods shop, gift shop and various charity shops. Just wanted to paint a picture as to what is available.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

Couples preferable. There is no car available accept for if there was an emergency visit to the vet, however, if you have your own, we will cover the cost for a visitors parking permit.

Last updated: 17 May 2022
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