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Why am I receiving email alerts for all countries when I haven't set up this alert?

We realise that our house sitter members signed up with our service in order to find out about house sitting assignments. However, there may be a number of reasons why you aren't seeing new (and often short-lived) sitter wanted listings as soon as they go live on the site. We figured that we'd try and help you find these listings (a bit like conception, success is all about the timing!) Thus, when a new sitter wanted listing is uploaded to the site, you will now automatically receive an email alert containing a link to the listing. We hope you think this is a good thing! You may be asking why you would be interested in that five-day break in New Zealand when you really only want to house sit in the US. If you haven't created your own sitter available listing we don't know where you would like to house sit. Thus we've set up a simple alert (based on a search of all countries) for all of our house sitter members. This alert is now the default setting on the alerts page of your account area. If you don't want to be alerted to all new sitter wanted listings, it's easy to set up your own customised alert that is restricted to a certain city or country. See this FAQ for more on how to set up or customise your own email alert.