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For owners: Are there any tips for searching for a house sitter using 'Search by location'?

When looking for your next house sitter make sure you're getting the most out of our search engine. Here's a few simple tips for searching our site more effectively using our Search by location.

Getting started

  • You will need to login to your home owner account area before being able to search our database using the Search by location feature.
  • Enter your country and optionally your nearest town/city into the relevant fields.
  • After clicking on the 'go' submit button you should see a list of your search results in the right column, with markers on the accompanying Google map indicating where the 26 house sitters closest to you are located. The search results are ordered from closest to farthest away (note that exact distances from you (in kilometres) are also shown).
  • To view the short version of the sitter available listings, click on the marker on the map.
  • To view the long version of the sitter available listings (containing sitters' contact details), click on the listing text (in the little popup window) or simply click on the listing's title in the right column.
  • Once you have clicked on an listing, you can add your favourite house sitters to your Shortlist.
To see more detail on the map:
  • When the Google map accompanying the Search by location first loads, you can zoom in to see more detail by clicking on the '+' icon or zoom out by clicking on the '-' icon.
  • To move (pan) around simply click and drag on the map itself.
Not getting any results?
  • Check that your city/town correctly is spelt correctly.
  • Try typing in the name of the nearest larger city instead of your own town into the search form, sometimes that will work better (sorry but our map doesn't have every town listed!).
  • To widen your search remove the city/town keyword and just search by country.
  • If you live in Europe or close to a border with another country, try changing your location to the country nearest you - you might get better results that way.
  • If the Search by location doesn't yield any results for you, there may be no house sitters in your area who have opted into this way of searching our database. Don't despair! Try our standard Keyword search instead for a list of house sitters who may not be local but have said they would like to house sit in your region or country. Simply do this by using the keyword search.Good luck with it!