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House sitting

For owners: What is 'house sitting worldwide'?

Modern life has meant that people are on the move now more than ever before. But while you're out in the big world your most precious possessions need to be cared for: your property and your animals. All sorts of service providers have sprung up to cater for this growing market, however, the services of agency-registered pet and house sitters can cost a great deal of money. Friends and family can step into the fold and agree to house sit for you but when someone is doing you a favour they can be notoriously unreliable.

That's where we come in! At we're utilizing the latest web technology to provide a matching service between you the home owner with willing house sitters worldwide. House sitting can be a free exchange of goods (accommodation) with services (house and pet sitting). And it works!

Just login and search our database of sitter available listings for free. Make a list of your preferred candidates by selecting –add to my shortlist' from each sitter available listing. You can then contact your shortlist of house sitters instantly by phone or email to begin the process of finding the perfect person for your house sitting assignment.