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Christian, Loving & Caring Couple

  • Country of residence: Sweden
  • When can they start: 13 October 2014
  • Available until: 1 August 2015
  • Age: 26-35
  • Occupation: Non-Profit Artists & Teachers: to "Heal, Comfort & Bless"
  • They have references
  • They have a police check
  • Any experience with pets? Dogs, Cats, Hamster
  • They don't charge for house sitting services
  • Last updated: 22 September 2014

About this sitter

News! We are available for yet another glorious house sitting assignment.

Check out our website at for our latest updates.

"I strongly recommend both Helena and Alan for house sitting, since they have many strengths that make them very well suited to extend their devotion in this way. They are very respectful and honoring of the spaces they are given, and have vast amounts of experiences living in other people's homes as well as overseeing church properties while moving frequently about the ministry to be where they are needed. Helena and Alan are clear communicators and are very committed to following through in their agreements without delay. Both also have a loving way of being that has been very nourishing for us here." ~ Rev. Melanie Caruana

About us
Our lives' purpose is to use everything as a backdrop to practice the art of mindful living and being, and so we are naturally very devoted and attentive in all that we do. To stay in peace of mind is our goal with everything, and which therefore also includes an in-tune joining with you, your animals, and your household as our house sitting assignment.

Why they want to house sit

As non-profit supporters we want to lovingly serve everyone: you, your animal(s), your house, us, our music, and Living Church Ministries. We are dedicated to serving, and are also grateful for a cost effective place to live.

Their experience

- Very experienced in managing larger households, animals and facilitating groups of people
- Experienced world travelers, mainly living in others' homes, happily joining with both people and animals
- Have owned several houses in the countryside and apartments in cities
- Have owned pets
- Etc.

What can they bring to the assignment

Our main "payment" in our non-profit projects is the benefit of learning how to extend love even more each day. It's very much like Mother Teresa's life, but focused on everyone and everything, whether poor or wealthy. We are tidy and will happily do light house work, we follow instructions in keeping with our agreements, and if there's anything that we wouldn't be able to fix ourselves, we are very capable of finding cost effective professionals to help out. With our wide educational backgrounds and experiences living abroad, we also know several languages including English, French, Swedish, and German.

Write us and ask for our "References & Qualifications Package", which is available upon request. Neither of us have a criminal record.

Visit our website at for more info.



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