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House sitting agreement

When two perfect strangers meet and arrange to take care of each other's house sitting requirements, it's a good idea that they both go into the situation equipped with a copy of our house sitting agreement. We've tried to cover all the bases with this plain-English document but as you go through it together you may think of further amendments, clauses and deletions you'd like to make to suit your particular situation.

Security deposit lodgement form

In the unlikely event that good will falters and you're unable to resolve a dispute that may arise from a house sitting assignment your signed copies of our house sitting agreement will provide a legal basis on which to proceed.

Our house sitting agreement also contains a template for a security deposit lodgement form. If the deposit is paid directly to the home owner, this form can simply function as a receipt. Also use this form if you can find a trusted third party to both hold the security deposit and act as a mediator at the end of the house sitting assignment.

To download the PDF version of our house sitting agreement, you will need a copy of the Acrobat Reader software on your computer. You can get either a free copy or upgrade your existing version by visiting the Adobe website