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Home owners – need someone to look after your home while you're away?

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From our home owner members

About time to write a testimonial ( Owner)

Since we have been using this site to find house and cat sitters for 10 years now, I thought it was about time to write a testimonial! Quite honestly this site has been nothing less than fantastic as a home owner with pets. I'm originally from NZ and live in The Netherlands with my partner and 2 children. We have had a sitter every year since 2009, in the summer and over Christmas/New Year. The amount of time for each trip has varied from 5 days to 5 weeks and each time we found a great sitter. Our first sitter Jane from NZ loved it so much she came back the year after. She became a good friend and we've kept in touch and visited each other several times since then. She was not the only sitter that came more than once. Last year, Corina from Australia came from where she is currently living in Spain and she's coming back this summer too. Other sitters were from Canada, Australia, America, England and Scotland. We always asked them to come one day before and most stayed one night after we returned. It's been great to spend time with them and wonderful to hear all the nice things they discovered to do while visiting. We often recommend the website to family and friends, however most Dutch people we know, think we're a bit weird to let strangers live in our house. However we love the win-win arrangement: our house and cats are well looked after and the sitters get a great holiday/new work environment. So thanks, MindMyHouse. We look forward to many more years of successful mindings.

Lauren, Netherlands. July 2019

From our house sitter members

I am so grateful for MMH ( Sitter)

I have a sick kitty who needs daily medication (and lots of love and play). I would not be able to leave him to go on vacation if I did not have someone staying at my house, as he needs to be encouraged to eat and drink throughout the day. Since joining this site I have had two outstanding cat sitters. Metta, my kitty, enjoyed being with both of them. He looked relaxed and happy upon my return after both vacations. My first cat sitter, Georgina, was an extremely experienced cat sitter - it was obvious in the questions she asked and how she interacted with my cat. She texted and sent pix of my kitty daily, which was very reassuring, and left my home immaculate. My garden was also in better shape than when I had left. My second cat sitter, Stuart, was on his first assignment. He, too, was very reliable and it is clear that Metta was well taken care of. I would never be able to go on vacation if I had to leave my kitty with \"strangers\". But on this site I get a reliable platform to interact with potential cat sitters, get references and feel comfortable leaving my kitty and house in good hands.

Janet, United States. Nov 2019

About MindMyHouse

We're an established global matching service dedicated to bringing home owners and house sitters together online. By searching our database you may be able to find that perfect person you’ve been looking for. House sitting can be a free arrangement that benefits all parties (especially Fluffy).

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