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June 2017 – Introducing MindMyHouse version 3. Good news folks - we are currently working feverishly on the next version on MindMyHouse Version 3!

We started back in 2005 with Version 1, a somewhat simple affair. Version 2 was rolled out in 2011 with many new features and a new design – this is the MindMyHouse you see today. For our next version, we already have a nice long list of things that you would like to see and we will do our best to make sure they are built. Our main focus is to improve the mobile experience along with an optional downloadable app. And to introduce the most often requested new features.

If you haven't already given feedback, let us know what new features would you like to see.

And from the archives...

2011 – Introducing MindMyHouse version 2. The old one (version 1)  was a bit, well you know, dusty and those scrollbars were a bit sticky. The new site (affectionately known by us as version 2) has been built from the ground up with lots of love and a sprinkling of webby magic. Featuring a flashy new design and the latest web gizmos. We love it. We hope you do too.

So what's changed? Lots. Let's start with new features - we know you all like new features!

Message centre 

This has to be the biggest upgrade. Our new message centre is just brimming with new features. From new message templates to being able to send a message to more than one member. In fact, we've built a full blown email system for you, much fancier than the last one. Check it out!

Message centre.


Ok we all love pics of cosi cottages in the French riveria or snowy retreats in the winter wilds of Canada. We also love to see our respected sitters smiling for the camera. So we've therefore given photos a good makeover. Uploading and editing your pics is now really easy. You can even choose a picture to feature in the search results. They look good too - they're bigger and appear in a fancy lightbox. Spicing up your listing just got alot easier. C'mon, add a pic to your listing now.


New homepages for members

What else? Well, the old site was really missing a home page for logged in members. So we've designed and built one. Sorry it took us so long. Seeing it now it sort of seems obvious! It doesn't need much explaining, it's nice to see at a glance whether you've got any mail, a summary of your listing and whose at the top of your shortlist.

Member homepage.


Another feature request many of you clamored for is the ability to manage your shortlists better. You can now add them, sort them, add notes to them and email them all at a single click of your trusty mouse.



Or iPad/iPhone. That's right, we've also made our site compatible with the latest mobile gadgets so you can check up on the latest listings from whatever you are. Handy eh?



We've also tweaked the way the search works. On the old site, older listings tended to appear higher up in the search results. We didn't think that was fair, especially to our newer members. So now, by default, a search will return a random selection of listings. You can then choose to order by most recently posted listings, if you want to see what's new. This new system is, in our opinion, much fairer for everyone. Of course, typing in a keyword will still return results that are relevant to your search terms and so keyword searches are unaffected by the change.



Our support area gets a much needed revamp as well. We gets lots of emails every day from all you wonderful folk and there isn't quite enough hours in the day to respond to you all. And for those of you who write to us with pretty much the same questions, so we thought we'd publish those questions (and the answers of course!) in our revamped support area to help you out. Look for them under our top ten faqs here. 


Visit the support area

Under the hood

There's also loads of under the hood improvements, many of which you won't see straight away. But they will make the site a better site and user experience for everyone.