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Support Centre – What's new

Ta da! Introducing mmh version 3. The old one (version 2)  was a bit, well you know, dusty and those scrollbars were a bit sticky. The new site (affectionately known by us as version 3) has been built from the ground up with lots of love and a sprinkling of webby magic.

So what's changed? Lots. Let's start with new features - we know you all like new features!

New Design

  • New modern design was long overdue
  • Needed to be more mobile responsive, so we designed the new site mobile and tablet first, desktop second
  • We wanted to make the site easier to use for our members
  • We wanted to keep the site friendly and simple
  • We kept the colours (mostly) the same
  • New logo
  • New fun icons
  • New fonts
  • Larger font sizes
  • Bigger pictures
  • New redesigned help center
  • New redesigned listing edit process
  • New redesigned message centre
  • New redesigned dashboard
  • New designed listings
  • New email designs

New Features

  • Improved the message centre usability
  • Fixed reset password to be more secure
  • Made the listings searches better
  • Made the help search better
  • Added option to stop google from indexing their listings if members want it
  • New dashboard
  • New listing completion indicator
  • Add some useful stats for members about their activity
  • New payment provider (replaced PayPal with Stripe)
  • Added a payment details/billing history section to 'my account' for sitter members
  • New simpler registration process
  • New member profile image
  • Listings now viewable after hidden (if logged in)
  • New & improved handling of by regions in search and listings
  • Improved maps
  • New date duration search option (ie. long term vs short term sits)
  • Simplified address fields
  • New & improved listing editing

and some new features coming soon…

House sitters: We have some big plans on the horizon, to help you track which assignments you have coming up, which assignments you’ve completed, which you’ve applied for etc.

Home owners: Changes that you can expect to see soon: what sitters you have selected, which sitters you’ve previously used, whom you’ve contacted previously or have applied, bulk email responses, visible statistics about house sitters’ assignments history, etc.

Keep sending us your ideas...