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Meet the house sitters

Welcome to the newest section in our Community area. Because our members are such an enigmatic, well-travelled bunch we thought we would give them a space on MindMyHouse all of their own. So make a cup of tea and prepare to get ‘snuggly-up’ with some of our house sitters. If you think you have a story to tell too and would like to see your profile in this section, read this FAQ and get in touch!

Carole Livesey and Chris Lampard

British couple, Carole Livesey and Chris Lampard, have traded a double income and home-owning lifestyle in Scotland’s Glasgow for a bit of something else. If you had asked them four years ago if they would consider offering work in return for accommodation and living out of a car and two backpacks in between minding others’ houses you would have heard a resounding ‘no!’. But now, roving around the bottom of the world in beautiful New Zealand seems to suit our intrepid wanderers just fine.

Carole and Chris have discovered that by ‘giving back’ to the communities that they find themselves in, they create a loop of giving and receiving that has exponential benefits for everyone concerned. Tune in to see how this 40-years-young couple became financially independent and free to spread the word about their many passions in life.

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Tom Hill and Linda Worthington

When life presents exciting opportunities for renewal and change most of us are too busy plodding down our chosen path to notice. If you are feeling a bit stuck, read this profile of the new lives of our new Bloggers on Assignment, English couple, Tom Hill and Linda Worthington. You may be inspired to bust out of your confines too! Tom and Linda were suffering from all of the hardships that life in First World offers until they met and made something wonderful happen together. House sitting that is, and plenty of it!

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MindMyHouse News 22 March 2006

Check out this ninth edition of MindMyHouse News for all of the following: our latest sitter wanted adverts from Northern Ireland to France to Florida; do you have any knowledge of translating English into French or German (and some spare time)?; is your version of our e-newsletter too ugly to read?; why do some of our sitter wanted adverts look as though they have expired?; and finally, the whys and hows of creating your very own web page to advertise your house sitting services (apart from your page on MindMyHouse of course).

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