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New Zealand English language lecturer, resisting proper retirementl

  • Country of residence: New Zealand
  • When can they start: 1 June 2014
  • Available until: 1 June 2015
  • Age: 66-75
  • Occupation: Lecturer
  • They have references
  • They don't charge for house sitting services
  • Last updated: 6 May 2014

About this sitter

I've taught English in several different countries, (Singapore, China, Spain) and traveled extensively and keep telling myself it's time to stay home. But in the mean time I just have to spend some precious time in interesting exotic places, preferably with a dog or two to so I can feel at home. My own dogs are well trained and well behaved as evidence I not only adore them but insist on respectful behaviour.

Why they want to house sit

As a poor ex-academic! I simply can't afford to spend the amount of time I need to really get to know a new or formerly loved place. Personally, I think that house sitting, like second-hand clothes, is such a sensible way of conserving resources and connecting with people.

Their experience

I've lived in houses in many different places in the world and spent two months in New York twice in a variety of house sitting arrangements. Have also housesat in Barcelona and Turkey. I own my own lovely little place which is a haven for me and my own two dogs. I know just how much it means to be able to leave home and return feeling confident that all is well.
I'm also an Airbnb host - check for information and references.

What can they bring to the assignment

I'm super responsible, super resourceful and have virtually no remaining vices, other than a tendency to pat passing dogs. I'm more than happy to do all those things like attending to mail and messages, looking after the garden, etc. And I absolutely LOVE dogs!
Also, please check my website for more photos and information about me.



Caribbean, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Guatemala, Spain, Turkey, United States

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