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Manager wanted for an opportunity of a lifetime in Costa Rica!

  • This house is in: Costa Rica, Barva
  • Dates: variable

About this assignment

These are the characteristics, qualities, talents and experience that I am looking for in a couple or individual. Firstly... Young (or young at Heart), preferably late 20s to late 40s, experienced, vibrant, responsible, motivated, hard working, perfectionist, hungry for success, willing to go the extra mile, imaginative, pays close attention to detail and a self starter, not to mention honest and respectful. I think these are naturally what all people want when trying to find someone, but it's very important and needs to be relayed anyways. It is vital! Spanish language skills are a must! I need advanced to fluent speakers and readers to be able to deal with the day to day ongoings and have the ability to communicate with local vendors, business people, etc.  It is a necessity! In addition, clean and willing to take initiative.  Major pluses are an experience/ serious interest in the B&B/hospitality & culinary/catering field, gardening/lawn work, loves to cook and/or enjoys the latest trends and innovative styles of a multitude of cuisine, is a social person(s) that enjoy the company and meeting of new people and has a good ability for networking.  I need a mentally strong person that has self control in the face of adversity.  Then need to maintain their composure and cool and not stress out when things appear to go south!  It is a business, nothing ever goes as smoothly as you want it to!  It's life! Things happen, you deal with the issue,  communicate, fix the problem and move on.  Once again, speaking and reading of Spanish is a necessity!

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

I require the following:


Ability to oversee all day to day operations, give and share input in all areas of the business, to include but not limited to: PR/marketing, new and innovative ways to attract new business/potential clients and contacts to be able to facilitate new clients, be creative and innovative in discovering ways to exploit all other opportunities that could bring in additional business through a series of other services connected to the hotel.

Upkeep, cleaning and maintenance of the entire property, to include the front house and main house, the garden and grounds, the small pool.

Ensure payment of all bills, to include utilities, employees, vendors, etc. are conducted, advise me of any upcoming maintenance concerns that need to be handled and oversee any work that is tasked to sub-contractors, constant communication on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to update me on all that is happening or needed.

Overall security and insure the well being of the property and grounds.

To welcome and host guests that come to stay at of the property.  Further details will be discussed at the interview.


Further details and opportunities that lie with the business side will be discussed in further detail during the interview.  These responsibilities will be updated as the need arises.

What are the good features of the property and location

There are numerous amenities to enjoy during your stay:

-Full use of property (to an extent)

- Great for entertaining (upon approval)

-A wonderful pool, over an acre of lush, beautiful tropical gardens

 -peace and quiet and the upmost in privacy, but yet convenient to the airport in San Jose, the major cities of Heredia and San Jose and adjoining suburbs

-Incredible views, temperate temperatures, and cool mountain breezes makes this place like having your own private resort!

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

The location and the language are the main things along with the true scope of this position.  It is clearly much more than just housesitting, it is a opportunity for the right person(s) that want to assist in the nurturing and growth of what can be a very successful business in the future.  Though the property is gorgeous, there is ALOT of work in all areas that will be necessary to do to achieve the high standard that I strive for.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither will Casa de Flores be. It is a work in progress. I am NOT painting a picture of only a bed of roses, but I am including the thorns, as well! Transportation is something to consider, although it is pretty easy.  The bus system is good and there are many taxis, my plan in the near future is to purchase a vehicle, where the person(s) accepting this position, will have access to it in my absence.

Also, being a host to guests to insure their comfort during their stay. The plan is currently being implimented to make this into a fully licensed boutique hotel.  I want to be clear here and say that I am still in the development stage, but the facility is open for business as the developments are an ongoing project.  I will explain more about this and the opportunity I may bring to those that are seriously interested in staying here. 

Also, the some it may not be a big deal, but to others...maybe to much to handle.  Experience with gardening, poolwork and basic maintenance (electrical, plumbing, etc.) are all important skills to have with this property. 

Along with all that has been mentioned, this is very important.  You must be able to handle yourself appropriately in all situation, good and bad.  I need people that have control and can maintain a proper attitude towards guests, workers, and most important, myself.  And the language issue is so important.  I can't stress it enough!  You MUST be able to speak, read and understand Spanish in verbal and written form, period!

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