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Rural Eastern Washington Wolf Lodge

  • This house is in: United States, Pullman
  • Dates: variable

About this assignment




We want someone who cares about the environment, both inside and outside the home. We have a green home, an organic garden (in season), chickens, and two dogs that need to be cared for when we are gone. Someone who loves the rural environment, who enjoys animals, and who can think about the special needs of a country home would be perfect for us.

We are near two universities - within 10 miles. The road is gravel for at least 2 miles, and snow tires are a necessity in winter.






What responsibilities are required of the house sitter



Keep the
animals fed, watered, and safe. The dogs will need to have at least two walks a
day. We have mowed paths throughout our property of nine acres. At night they
need a potty stop - but also need to be kept from chasing coyotes and other
animals that wander into the yard. The old dog needs medicines twice a day and
help navigating the stairs. In the summer there will be watering - all set up
just turn on and off, to do. The house needs the windows and blinds opened and
closed for climate control, it needs to be kept clean, and the mail brought



What are the good features of the property and location


The area is somewhat strange, think of wheat farms with two universities
dropped a mist the fields. It is 80 miles to a medium sized city, and 300 from
a metropolis.

Our house and property are beautiful. I designed the house. The wind formed
landscape is also wonderful. There is mountain nearby, lots of outdoor
recreation available. Our dog is a wonderful person, the other dog was
abandoned, he is currently being rehabilitated, it has only been one month and
he is already a good dog for us although somewhat skittish with outsiders.


What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

Rural life is different from city life. The roads are dusty and one
must always travel for company and supplies. One must be self reliant
and able to trouble shoot domestic problems.

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