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Charming Home in San Miguel de Allende!

  • This house is in: Mexico, San Miguel De Allende
  • Period available: 1 month
  • Starts: 15 April 2016
  • Ends: 31 May 2016
  • Are there any pets to look after?
    Yes, Rosie and Daisy are my two doggies.

About this assignment

Hi there Prospective Sitters!

I've really had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful sitters through this site in the past couple of years, and I expect to do the same in the future. Perhaps you will be the next.

I look for people who are very responsible and reliable. Mentally and physically well, and friendly to passersby and neighbors. I need people who truly love dogs, not just tolerate them, who really do watch over the house and plants, and it helps if you know how to light a hot water heater if it goes out, and keep the grounds and house reasonably clean. I prefer none smokers, and no drugs, no loud parties. I am partial to mature people.

You can only put one set of dates here, so I'm going to just say "on going" and tell you here about what I have in mind. I want to do some traveling during the period of April 15 thru May 31, 2016. During the April and May period I mention, I may only want to be gone for 2 weeks, but it could be longer. I also want to travel sometime during November or December 2015, but I don't have the dates. It has to do with the birth of a grandchild, and when I will be needed.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Spend every night here with the dogs, feed them, make sure the water bowls are clean and full, play a bit each day, brush them (not difficult, and they love it). There is a garden with lots of potted plants, and you will be responsible to water just about every day. If bills come due for electricity, etc, I will leave money with you, and you will pay them, and keep the receipts for me.

I want someone who will keep in touch a few times a week to let me know how things are going. Must be fluent in English, and it would be very helpful if you speak some Spanish.

Be a little handy, and mature enough to know how to safely use appliances and, as mentioned, light a hot water heater if needs be. You will need to play with my dogs daily, keep their mess cleaned up multiple times a day, and keep their water bowls clean and filled, as well as brush them and feed them. The plants will need watering.

You should buy your own food stuffs so I have mine when I return, and clean up after yourself even though a cleaner will come twice a week. Do not burn or cut foods in the pots and pans, and don't toss nice sharp knives in with other dishes or cutlery...I love cooking, so if you use my stuff, you need to keep it nice please!

I will collect a security deposit of $350 usd when you make a reservation with me. If you do not show up, leave early, or destroy stuff, that's what I'll use to make it better. You will pay the cleaner ($300 pesos per visit) and pay for whatever gas you use. I will pay for the electricity, the rent on the house, the phone (do not use it for anything but Mexico and the US!), etc. You are responsible for whatever you use...paper products, food, drink. If there is a changing of tenants in the attached apartment, you will make sure my cleaner gets in there to make it ready for the next guest, and you would meet and greet the next guest when they arrive. There are a few things to be done, and I'll go over that with you. I will also compensate you if this happens more than once during your stay.

What are the good features of the property and location

This is a large and comfortable home in a wonderful close-to-everything location! You will have a comfortable queen bed and a twin bed, as well as a peaceful environment.

You will be located a few minutes walk from everything San Miguel has to offer. San Miguel de Allende is a World Heritage city, an art colony, and a beautiful place to stay. It was declared "Worlds Most Desirable Vacation Destination" by Conde Nast Magazine.

You can take art classes, study Spanish, or just take it easy. There are hot springs, spas, horse back riding and much more available to you. There is a lot of music here, whether Jazz, classical, Latin, opera, etc, etc.

FYI: There is an apartment connected to this larger house, and you will share the laundry room and street entrance. If a new tenant comes while you're in charge, you will need to introduce them to the dogs and share information about the dogs, etc.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

Please note, at this writing, my dates are not firm. I am flexible, so feel free to contact me even if the exact dates don't match you needs. Also the length of my journey is flexible. Please plan on being at my house a couple of days before I leave so you can get the hang of it and ask questions whilst I'm here. And if you want to stay a few days longer, that is just fine! I collect a $350 security deposit, which you will lose if you do not show up, or if you damage something, or leave before you are supposed to. No smoking indoors! No drugs or wild parties. I have another house and will make a second listing for that one. It is two bedrooms, and very nice, but it is a bit farther from the center. It's a one mile walk or bus ride from THAT house, to the beginning of Centro, and it is a 4 block walk from this house. It's possible if you contact me for this house, I may ask you to take care of the other instead, but if that happens, it won't be a surprise, we'll discuss it ahead of time.

No smoking indoors. No wild parties. Must be respectful of neighbors. Mexico is a noisy country, and there will be noise here as well. I don't want anyone here who makes enemies by being rude to any neighbor. (I say this because one sitter heard a fellow who passes each day selling something or other. His call is funny sounding, to be sure...but this sitter actually mocked him by mimicking his call). I cannot have anyone here with such bad judgement. I live here, and these folks and I will be neighbors for a long time. I need mature, respectful and tolerant sitters.

I do not care how many hours per day you are out enjoying yourselves, but I do want my dogs talked to and played with and allowed in the house with you when you are home. And I do want them walked every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I want the house, my cooking utensils, linens, etc to be kept in as good a condition as when you got here.

Also, you will have to be agreeable to learn something about how things are done in Mexico, like how to get the garbage out, that sort of thing. It should be fun to learn, and I will teach you everything! ( I am a 67 year old woman, and if I can learn it, so can you!)

Also, last but not least, I do not want strangers (to me) brought into my home. This could present a future danger for me and my guests. So I ask that, if you want to invite folks over, you get my approval first. I'll be reachable by email or phone or skype.

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