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Christmas in UNESCO Heritage City?

  • This house is in: Mexico, San Miguel De Allende
  • Dates: variable
  • Are there any pets to look after?
    Yes, Rosie and Myla are my two doggies.

About this assignment

I have found people for November, and May and for Christmas week, I don't have further travel plans at the moment. It occurs to me that perhaps someone would like to come for Christmas, as I will be traveling. I'm only gone for a week, but I can give you one week free in one of my rentals to make it worth your while. If you want to stay longer, I would charge rent, and it is only if you pre-pay to reserve it. December in San Miguel is the highest season! There is so much to do, and it is fun. And quite chilly, so bring a jacket and socks.

I'm looking for clean, respectful (of privacy and property) people who LOVE dogs. I want someone who is a real dog person. It's also very important that you know how to light a water heater and do some basic things for yourself...I will tell you how it's done, but would rather you already are a bit handy.

I propose that you come for a couple of days before I leave and stay in my guest room. I hope to have folks who will look after my dogs, house and plants, both indoors and out. As I have a couple of rentals, it may also fall to the sitter to give keys to a new tenant arriving for a vacation, and to schedule a cleaning here and there. I would leave money if paying the cleaner was necessary. This may not even happen, but I'd love it if you were willing, should the need arise.

My dogs will be happy with a little play time with you everyday, and one daily walk of 30-60 minutes. Food and water, of course. One of my dogs is still a puppy, so vigilance will be necessary so she does not chew the furniture.

I will require a security deposit of $350 at the time of our agreement, that you will only lose if you do not show up and honor the commitment, or if there is physical damage.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

I am looking for someone or ones who like dogs around them. If you are a single person or a couple,and love dogs, this could be a wonderful, and affordable experience for you. I want people who want to touch my doggies and talk to them. I need reliable, mature, honest, clean and sensible folks. Someone at least 26 years old would be nice. Retirees would be terrific as well. Please have personal references (if not sit ref's) and tell me about your experience with dogs and house sitting.

A cleaner will come once a week for 250 pesos, which you pay. (About $20usd).
When you use a tank of gas, you pay for the replacement. I'll make sure you have one full and a part of a tank, and you must leave the same for me...not one empty, for instance. Prices change, but a tank of gas usually costs about $30, and lasts about 2-3 weeks. Depends on how much you cook and how long your showers are.

The "yard" is mostly paved, it is a sizable courtyard with potted plants as most of the garden. It would be your duty to keep the courtyard clean. It is my habit to clean up dog mess the minute I see it, and I have a special broom, long handled dust bin and dedicated trash can with lid, for this purpose. Then I hose it so smells and flies are not a problem. But, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once before bed is good enough. This is the worst or hardest part of the duties a sitter would have here.

There is a gardener once a week, but the plants will need water much more often than that. It will be the sitter's job to keep the plants alive and happy. It is not a huge garden, and consists mainly of potted plants. There are 3 house plants to water as well.

It would sure be great if you know a little Spanish. Also, I need someone who is fairly independent and handy. For-instance, when you use a tank of gas, and the tank needs replacing, there is a truck that conveniently passes a few times a day...but if the tank has run dry, the water heater will have to be re-lit. I don't mind showing you and teaching you, but if this sort of thing 'scares' you, this sit is not for you.

What are the good features of the property and location

This is a large and comfortable home in a wonderful close-to-everything location! You will have a comfortable queen bed and a twin bed, as well as a peaceful environment.

You will be located a few minutes walk from everything San Miguel has to offer. San Miguel de Allende is a World Heritage city, an art colony, and a beautiful place to stay. Take art classes, study Spanish, or just take it easy. There are hot springs, spas, horse back riding and much more available to you. There is a lot of music here, whether Jazz, classical, Latin, etc, etc.

FYI: There is an apartment connected to this larger house, and you will share the laundry room and street entrance.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

Please note, at this writing, my dates are not firm. I am flexible, so feel free to contact me even if the exact dates don't match you needs. Also the length of my journey is flexible. Please plan on being at my house a couple of days before I leave so you can get the hang of it and ask questions whilst I'm here. And if you want to stay a few days longer, that is just fine! I collect a $350 security deposit, which you will lose if you do not show up, or if you damage something, or leave before you are supposed to. I do this to keep the riff raff away. No smoking indoors! No drugs or wild parties.

No smoking indoors. No wild parties. Must be respectful of neighbors. Mexico is a noisy country, and there will be noise here as well. I don't want anyone here who makes enemies by being rude to any neighbor. (I say this because one sitter heard a fellow who passes each day selling something or other. His call is funny sounding, to be sure...but this sitter actually mocked him by mimicking his call). I cannot have anyone here with such bad judgement. I live here, and these folks and I will be neighbors for a long time. I need mature, respectful and tolerant sitters.

I do not care how many hours per day you are out enjoying yourselves, but I do want my dogs talked to and played with and allowed in the house with you when you are home. And I do want them walked every day for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I want the house, my cooking utensils, linens, etc to be kept in as good a condition as when you got here.

Also, you will have to be agreeable to learn something about how things are done in Mexico, like how to get the garbage out, that sort of thing. It should be fun to learn, and I will teach you everything! ( I am a 67 year old woman, and if I can learn it, so can you!)

Also, last but not least, I do not want strangers (to me) brought into my home. This could present a future danger for me and my guests. So I ask that, if you want to invite folks over, you get my approval first. I'll be reachable by email or phone or skype.

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