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Bosco dog blog

by Joan Hughes

Bosco always knows when her beloved human, Joan, is leaving home for a while. Sob! But Doris, Martha, Miguel, Roberta and Ellen all have their own ways of making life more bearable for Bosco while Joan is away. Take me to Camp Bosco! (Or just love me at my place).

15 March 2005

Joan is back home!

I am super, super, super happy today when I spied an unfamilar car drive up and drop off – who? Joan!!! It is the same type of car that took her away last Thursday morning when I was really sad because she had that zipper box with wheels. I tried to stay on her heels but she left.

However, she did plan a great time for me. The neighbor, Doris, let me out in the middle of the day for a break. Then, Martha came over and whisked me away to ‘Camp Bosco’ in St. Louis Park. Martha and Miguel and Boli (the cat) and I enjoyed each other’s company tremendously. Martha took me out for hours on the golf course and I got to run, run, run. Boli would chase me every once in a while but then immediately let me know he was done playing. (Passive aggressive, I think.) And Miguel, well he just loves to give me treats and feed me lots of food…I can always get more food out of him.

Then I returned to my house but Joan was not there. Then Roberta came over and stayed with me for a few days. She gave me a few sausages that were left over from something – another great sitter who loves to feed me. Maybe Joan should go away more often?!

Today Joan finally showed up and I couldn’t help but jump up and give her face a couple licks. She told me stories of sandy beaches and warm weather – what is that? It is going to snow here again tonight! Then she brushed me a lot and washed my bed and now I’m still in heaven…

15 April 2005

Another interesting week

I have missed Joan this week. Boy oh boy, on Monday – actually, on Sunday I knew something was up when that zipper box on wheels – which she refers to as a suitcase – came out. I went up the stairs in my usual exuberant way and then, I saw IT! I sniffed it and then walked slowly into the bedroom where there was another ONE. I got sad then because I knew Joan was going away.

So Joan got up very early – so early on Monday that I didn’t even want to be up, and she even took me on a walk at 4:30 AM! You know me, though, if a walk is involved then I’m game. Then she left : (

However, Doris came over and let me out at lunchtime and then Ellen came over later to take me to her house that I went to last week. Ah ha! Now I know why we went over there. I thought Joan just wanted me to be friends with a new cat. I was very scared at first – I don’t know Ellen all that much and then her apartment and area is unfamilar to me, and there are kids around, and they sometimes scare me because they move so fast. But as the days went along, I started to feel a bit better. Ellen and Katie’s cat wasn’t too happy about me being there, but I just stayed out of its way as best I could.

Today, Ellen put me in the car and drove me back home. I was SOOOOO excited, bouncing up and down so happy to return to my beloved home. BUT Joan was not here, but I felt pretty safe anyway because I knew she’d be here soon enough. And she is here now!!! I licked her a few times to let her know how I felt and she pet me and gave me a few treats. So much emotion in one week’s time that I’m knackered. Guess I’ll retire now – you can bet I’ll sleep up in Joan’s room again – I don’t want to risk her leaving again…

Joan Hughes

About the author: Joan Hughes

Bosco, the big brown dog, and Joan love each other. This blog has been inspired by that connection and all the daily practicalities of keeping dog and human happy. Joan uses a mixture of friends and paid pet sitters and house sitters to keep Bosco happy and healthy when she can’t be there.