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MindMyHouse News October 2023

In this special edition of our irregular newsletter, we feature three amazing pets whom we spotted on MindMyHouse – Cortana, Albus, and Woody. We think they are very special – we hope you do too. Also, we cover home owners with two or more listings and lastly we touch on home owner memberships.

Social Media update

You won’t find us on social media for a reason! We think that stuff is fluff. Our business ethos is about providing our members with an advertising free zone in which to find each other and meet up to do all that adventuring while house sitting worldwide. No sponsorship, or pictures of women laughing at salad on our site!

House sitters, check out your new ‘My Assignments’ feature

Introducing your new ‘My Assignments’ section for house sitters, which will list all of the assignments that you have applied for, and much more!

Home owners: check out your new ‘My Sitters’ feature

Introducing your new ‘My current sitter & applicants page’, which will list all of the house sitters who have contacted you, or whom you have contacted via our Message Centre.


You’re doing a great job!!! ( Sitter)

Yes, I have benefited greatly. I’ve been with you guys, and only you, for years and have done manyyyy housesittings. They were all awesome and I had an amazing time. I’ve recommended your site to many friends and family members over the years. Thanks so much. You’re doing a great job!!!

Dorotka D, Cyprus. Dec 2023.

We have had 2 experiences with house sitters and they have both been wonderful! ( Owner)

Our cat was so lovingly taken care of and our home left very clean just as we leave it for our sitters. Our first couple is from Czech Republic, they were so kind and sweet with our cat, They actually go him to exercise a bit which is a big deal because he is so lazy. We had them stay for dinner before they left, we had wonderful conversations, and have remained in contact. They loved our cat and didn't want to leave. Our second and recent sitter was a wonderful woman from Poland. After she settled in I made dinner and had wonderful conversations. She was very experienced, our cat took right to her. She was working while here and several times our cat would sit on her lap. She took plenty of pictures and cute photos, seems he never left her side. Our cat sat on her lap with his favorite blanket while watching tv, he never does this with anyone but me. He was very spoiled. Our sitter didn't want to leave him. And I think he is still looking for her. This site is fantastic! I found Mind My House through a friend who knew our cat's last boarding facility literally abused him. I was angry beyond words. This site provides wonderful people who truly care about animals. I highly recommend Mind My House

Carrie and Ken, Portugal. Dec 2023