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This is where we publish all sorts of interesting and fun stuff about house sitting. Go on, get reading!

Bloggers on assignment

Bloggers on Assignment is your forum! We welcome anyone with something new to say about the weird and wonderful world of house sitting to submit their stories and poems for possible publication here. Don't be shy!

Meet the house sitters

Welcome to the newest section in our Community area. Because our members are such an enigmatic, well-travelled bunch we thought we would give them a space on MindMyHouse all of their own. So make a cup of tea and prepare to get 'snuggly-up' with some of our house sitters.

MindMyHouse News

Our editor will be writing the occasional site newsletter to keep our members fully informed about the service. If you’re a new member, check in with our MindMyHouse News archive to track the progress of the site (and all its little glitches!) since we launched 22 February 2005.


Want to know what other house sitters and home owners think about issues relating to house sitting? Or want to have your say? Then you can view, or vote, on one of our short surveys. You can vote on as many surveys as you like, but only vote once.


See what our members have to say, or add a comment yourself. These go all the way back to 2005!

Stories, poems, blog excerpts

House sitting assignments can be the fertile ground which inspires people (house sitters, pet sitters, home owners and pet owners alike) to write. This collection of stories, articles, poems and blog excerpts is loosely based around what happens when people get together to meet each other’s house sitting needs. Some of our contributors are writers and poets in real life, others have taken the opportunity to self-publish on their own blogsite. If you'd like to get your stuff published too, see Bloggers on Assignment and the FAQs listed under Community Area.


Media articles about house sitting, pet sitting and a whole lot more: snowbirders, grey nomads, globalfreeloaders, sunbirders, couchsurfers - they're all here.


Do you have some comments for us? We'd love to hear what you think.