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From: 9 July 2024
Until: 31 December 2024




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About this sitter

Currently in Ecuador.
I would like to introduce myself to you today as a worldwide house-sitter. I am reliable, well-traveled, competent, and well experienced. I have residency in the United States although I don’t have a home, per se, anywhere. Pretty much Your Endless Traveler. I am an active, healthy, non-smoking single male with no health issues of any kind. I am early retired and I am a pretty capable hands-on individual with the highest integrity and respect for property of others. I am an aspiring travel writer and publisher and an experienced homeowner over all these many years. I am also very security minded.

Why they want to house sit

I have a passion for travel and an intense curiosity about new places, and peoples and cultures. I love the adventure of a new place. I want to see all that I can and share that with others through travel writing and publishing. House-sitting gives me an insider’s view of a place, a people and a location from a ‘permanent’ perspective, not a few days as a tourist. It will be a never ending source of material.

Their experience

I have many years of experience with home ownership and its attendant needs. In addition, my former spouse and I raised 10 children who had the rather large and on-going assortment of dogs, cats, fish, lizards etc. that children seem to think they need. I did all of the home repairs and some mechanical repairs to keep everything going over the years.

What can they bring to the assignment

I understand what home ownership means. Your home is an embodiment of your life. You want someone to take care of and protect what you have worked so hard for so many years to create. I have the deepest respect for that. I will protect and preserve what you have done. While I may not be able to improve what you have so lovingly put together, I shall bring no harm to it.
Since January of 2010 I have been in several different countries in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand. I have taken care of property and pets in Sint Maarten, Netherland Antilles (8 months); Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2 months); Cancun, Mexico (2 months); Cozumel, Mexico (9 months); Progreso, Mexico (9 months); Nashville, TN (1 month); Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2 months); Cotacachi, Ecuador (21 months over 2 ¼ years); Challubamba (Cuenca), Ecuador (2 months); Malaga, Spain (21 weeks); United Kingdom (2 months), Puerto Cayo, Ecuador (3 months), Christchurch, New Zealand (3 months). When you are ready to travel, perhaps I will be free to housesit for you. That would give you an opportunity to take an extended vacation back home to see family and friends or just to travel.
I look for housesits that run from 2 to 3 months. That works very well for me because it gets me into one spot for an extended period of time, but it stays within the visa requirements of most countries. I am typically good for 90 days as I have a U.S. passport but on occasion I have extended my visa if a housesit was going to go past my initial visa period. So if you have considered having someone housesit for you, maybe we can help each other out and make it a win-win situation for everybody. I do not charge for my housesitting nor do I wish to incur expense for that sitting. I am obviously capable of taking care of myself and feeding myself. But if having a housesitter is something that may be of interest, I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.
You can drop me an email at
REFERENCES are below:

from Dave & Lee Johnstone
Cotacachi, Ecuador
Re: Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick
We cannot recommend Bob Patrick highly enough. He stayed in our home for 6 weeks and took great care of the house, the cats and the garden; sending emails and pictures frequently to let us see what things looked like at home.
Bob also kept meticulous records regarding bills paid and money spent.
My husband and I are so grateful for having someone of Bob's caliber staying in our home while we were away. Bob's motto is "to leave the house better than when he arrives" and true to his words, he found a way to do that for us, too.
Best Regards,
Dave and Lee Johnstone

November 19, 2012
Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick from Jeff & Lin Neal:
My wife and I are very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Bob Patrick
We were lucky enough to find Bob to house sit our home in Cotacachi, Ecuador while we were absent for a month in October of 2012. We could not ask for anyone any better to trust our home to than Bob.
Everything we expected and more was taken care of while we were gone. Actually Bob found a few things that were in the need of a little maintenance and was kind enough to take care of them while we were gone.
He is very caring and certainly took excellent care of our property. Upon our return everything was as well as we had left it or even better.
I feel like I could ramble on for a while, which is not necessary. I am sure you can tell we are very satisfied with Bob and I am sure you will be as well when you use his services.
We have had an opportunity to know Bob for a while now and have become very good friends as well.
I am sure Bob is in high demand for his services....I hope you can see for yourself why we hold him in such high regard.
Jeff & Lin Neal
Cotacachi, Ecuador

Letter of Reference for Bob Patrick as a House Sitter from Angela Javora: February/March 2014
After planning an extended trip for one month, my husband and I needed to find a responsible person to stay in our home during our absence. The one name that came up consistently from among friends as a reliable source was Bob Patrick.
I contacted Bob to check his availability for the dates of my departure. We had a match for most of the days I would be gone. For the last few days, Bob was able to arrange his schedule to be sure our house would continue to be attended to by him.
We agreed to meet two weeks before our departure so we could review how everything in the house worked, what bills needed to be paid, introduce him to the neighbors, what specific instructions needed to be followed to meet and pay for existing service providers during his stay: trash collector, house keeper twice per week, electric and water bills, etc.., contact numbers for us, for our neighbors, our alarm system, gardener, etc.
We reviewed detailed written instructions for each aspect of home care. To our extreme delight Bob not only followed all the instructions to the letter, but also kept detailed notes on every aspect of record keeping so we knew exactly which bills were paid and when, which people came to the house, what peculiarities came up and how each was handled.
Before handling anything not covered in our pre-trip meeting notes, Bob kept in touch with us via email and skype so that his follow-through would be totally in keeping with our wishes. We were delighted with Bob's detailed spread sheet showing expenses paid, dates and to whom, including electric meter usage for each week. which he initiated on his own.
Because we were having extensive yard service completed during our absence, Bob took weekly photos of progress by the gardener and staff and downloaded them to his computer and sent them to us. He kept us appraised regularly of every aspect of life at our homestead while we were gone.
In summary, Bob treated our home with the same care and attention as if it were his own home. When we returned, our home was in pristine condition with all aspects of the house in excellent working order.
Bob was incredibly easy to work with, flexible, pleasant, good-humored and completely professional in his approach to his role as house sitter and home caretaker. Bob is our top choice to call upon to house sit when we need to be out of town in the future.
Angela Javora

May 12, 2014
RE: reference from Ann and Bill Henry
Bob Patrick, Your Endless Traveler and Housesitter Extraordinaire, provided house sitting services for us during 2 weeks in April 2014 while we returned to the United States. Not only did he make sure that our house stayed safe and secure during our absence, he took outstanding care of our 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (kids). He also paid bills, watered our garden, assured that any maintenance issues with our house were handled properly. In addition, he stayed in touch with us by internet regarding any issues or questions that he had. When we arrived home we found the house spotless, secure and our dogs happy!
I highly recommend Bob for house sitting while you are away. We have known Bob for about 2 years but this was the first time he has taken care of our home while we were away. Without a doubt we certainly would like to use Bob again to take care of our home as well as our spoiled little dogs.
Ann & Bill Henry
San Miguel
Cotacachi, Ecuador

Housesitter reference from Carolyn Willhoite & Warren Sklar
We recently had Bob Patrick house sit for us at our home in Ecuador. I can not say enough about what an excellent job that he did. The home was well maintained, the flowers were watered and he replaced the items that he used as well as left extra for us when we returned.
I would highly recommend Bob to anyone that needs to have their home maintained while they are away. If the occasion arises that we need that service again, I just hope that Bob is available for us.
Thank you Bob for the care and consideration you gave our home.
Thank you,
Carolyn Willhoite

July 17, 2013
from Greg and Marsha LeQueux
Hermitage, Tennessee, USA 37076
Re: Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick
Bob stayed in our home from July 6-July 14 while we were on vacation in Mexico. Our house was just listed with a realtor and while Bob was in our home, the realtor came over to take pictures for the listing. Also during his stay there were a few showings of our home and Bob did a great job of making sure everything was picture perfect. Bob is a very neat and meticulous person, so we never had a single worry about our home while away on vacation.
We've known Bob for 2 years and have seen that he is a very honest, hard-working, and fun-loving guy. He always remains cool, calm and collected no matter what the situation is.
I would highly recommend Bob for house sitting in any country. I know that he has a great passion for travelling to different countries. He has shared many of his travel experiences with us and it sounded so exciting to us that we have decided to give house sitting a shot so we can enjoy new and exciting travel adventures too.
Best regards,
Greg and Marsha LeQueux

November 30, 2013
RE: Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick from Marcia Brineman.
Bob Patrick house sat my home in Ecuador for me for 6 weeks while I was in the States during October and November of 2013.
Believe me, your house will be in better condition when you get home than before you left. He made repairs where they were necessary (I never mentioned them to him), he took excellent care of my many plants and he took excellent care of my dog.
In fact, he taught my dog a few things that totally surprised me. I highly recommend this man as a house sitter. You can leave and be confident that your plants, your pets and your home will be well cared for.
And expect to have a few (good)surprises when you return!
Marcia Brineman

Recommendation for Bob Patrick from Suzan Haskins & Dan Prescher
We had Bob housesit for us in our house in Cotacachi, Ecuador while we attended a conference in another country.
When Bob Patrick says he leaves your place better than he found it, he's not kidding. We had Bob take care of our place for several weeks, and when we returned it was cleaner than we left it.
Bob was also meticulous in his reporting, leaving us details on bills received and paid, household items used, etc. He left the bed made up with clean sheets and pillowcases... AND he stocked the refrigerator so we wouldn't have to go to the store until we had a chance to unpack and decompress from the trip for a day or two.
We recommend Bob's services without hesitation and will ask him to housesit for us again if he's available whenever the need arises.
Suzan Haskins & Dan Prescher
Cotacachi, Ecuador

May 6, 2013
Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick from Todd & Sheila Johns.
Our family had the good fortune to have Bob Patrick house sit our property in Cuenca, Ecuador between October 25-December 14, 2012.
When we initially engaged Bob's services, we just felt grateful to have found someone who was willing to live in the house during our long period of absence. Little did we know at the time, that Bob's idea of house sitting is to leave a property in better condition than how he finds it, thus elevating the job of house sitting to a new art form!
Bob did an excellent job of maintaining our property, both inside and out. He kept us current via email correspondence about the general condition of the house and immediately alerted us if there was anything that needed our attention. If he suspected a problem of any kind, he researched it until he determined what was needed.
One example of Bob's careful attention to detail concerned our internet installation, which he arranged for us during his stay at our house. The internet representative who came for the installation was about to put the modem in an awkward part of the house. Bob intervened and suggested it be positioned in a more aesthetically pleasing location. He also recommended a speed that was above what we were considering, but which has proven to be exactly what we needed.
Bob also informed us of a problem of water accumulation in the floor of the shower. Because of his careful analysis of the situation, we were able to make long distance arrangements for the problem to be addressed.
Probably the biggest unexpected service that Bob provided for us was to work with our property manager in arranging for some house renovations during our absence. The resulting work not only impacted his personal daily life for a period of days, but ended up creating a fine layer of dust in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning out all the kitchen surfaces and cupboards, Bob took it upon himself to wash and dry every single dish and utensil in the entire kitchen, so that when we arrived, everything was spotless. He also generously went out of his way to be sure that there was enough food in the house so that we didn't have to run out to the store as soon as we arrived.
Shortly before Bob was to leave our house and move on to another assignment, he photographed every room in the house so that we could see the condition things were in before our return. Because we have no washer or dryer on the premises, Bob even hand washed and dried all of the sheets and towels so that everything would be ready for our return!
We truly could not have imagined having a finer person occupying our home during the almost 2 months when we had to be out of the country. Bob was always exceptionally pleasant and patient, even when circumstances proved to be exasperating. We feel very fortunate to have found someone of such high integrity to care for our property in our absence.
We can enthusiastically recommend Bob Patrick as a house-sitter extraordinaire! We offer an unqualified endorsement of his personal integrity and of the professional standard of care that he offers.
Todd and Sheila Johns

January 24, 2015

Reference for Bob Patrick from Lee & Dave Johnstone.

To May It May Concern:
I would like to fully recommend Bob Patrick as a house sitter. This title does not begin to cover the duties that Bob performed for us for the three months that he recently lived at our house in Cotacachi, Ecuador.
Bob took care of our two cats; kept us up to date on building from our next door neighbor; made sure our monthly bills were paid, and supervised some work that had been arranged at our home while we were away.
Bob is quite meticulous in his record keeping, and there has never been any worries or doubts associated with the finances while he is in charge.
October, November and December of 2014 was his latest stay here, and is the third time that we have contracted Bob to take care of our property and cats...and would offer him another position at any time, without hesitation.
My husband and I have found Bob Patrick to be friendly, sincere, caring, responsible and totally trustworthy for the more than two years that we have known him...and always breathe a sigh of relief when he is living in our home during our absence.

Lee and Dave Johnstone
Cotacachi, Ecuador

June, 2014
House Sit Letter of Recommendation for Bob Patrick from Lin & Jeff Neal.
We were very fortunate to have Bob house-sit for us again for the second time to accommodate our 30 day travels.
We have only high praises for Bob's Services. We could not ask for anyone better to trust our home to than Bob! His Services are beyond our expectations. Bob takes pride and care with his House Sit Services...treats the home as if it were his! Very dedicated...followed through to the letter on our requests.
Upon our return, our home was sparkling from his thorough House Cleaning and had fresh flowers awaiting our arrival! Also, Bob always has taken the initiative to attend to minor maintenance items during our absence.
It is so wonderful to return from our travels and find our home clean and fresh!
We are hoping Bob can fit in his busy schedule another house sit for us.
It is so wonderful to have complete 'peace of mind' that your home is well taken care of during your absence. This is the service that Bob offers.

Lin and Jeff Neal
Cotacachi, Ecuador

Reference for Bob Patrick:
9th September 2015

We came across Bob’s profile on Mind My House early in 2015 when we were looking for someone to housesit for us in Malaga, Spain and were immediately impressed by Bob’s references and experience.
The same couple had been house sitting for us for several years and were devastated when they were unable to come back.
We needed someone to look after our apartment for 10 weeks and take care our 2 cats Kitty and Sooty who are both quite shy. Our terrace is surrounded by plants, which needed watering and one of our biggest challenges was to find somebody to look after our holiday rental apartment. This involved cleaning the apartment thoroughly for each changeover of guests, doing all the laundry and making up the beds, greeting the guests upon arrival, receiving payment in cash, taking tenants shopping if necessary and dealing with any problems.
As soon as we spoke to Bob on Skype we liked him immediately and felt he was the right person for us. We chose Bob from many people who applied and five who we spoke to on Skype.
Bob spent summer 2015 in Malaga housesitting for us for 10 weeks and both Hugh and I were extremely impressed with how well he looked after everything:
The cats were happy and relaxed when we returned, the plants on the terrace looked amazing, the apartment was immaculate, the tenants told me how kind and helpful he’d been and to top it all he had spent hours sanding and applying coats of oil to our terrace table, making it look better than we’d ever seen it!
Bob was in contact with us by email and text messages throughout our time away and kept detailed accounts on a spread sheet.
We have been extremely impressed by Bob’s help this summer and really hope that he can come back to housesit for us again. He is extremely reliable and trustworthy and we really enjoyed spending time with him both before we went away and on our return. We can’t recommend him highly enough and wish him all the best.

Nina and Hugh Whittam
Malaga, Spain

Reference for
Bob Patrick
October 2015
I would not hesitate to recommend Bob as your house sitter.

Setting up the house sit was very smooth, Bob responds promptly and clearly.  We had a skype conversation and he let me know about his arrival plans as soon as he was sorted.  It was great to have the opportunity to spend some time with him before we set off on our holiday.
We came home to an immaculate house, freshly hoovered and super tidy!  The lovely lady who comes in weekly to give me a help with the housework said there was very little for her to do when she came in while Bob was here it was all so neat and clean!  The cats were very relaxed and had obviously enjoyed being with him.
Bob had even freshly stocked the fridge with everything we might need for breakfast.
He really is a ‘house-sitter extraordinaire’!!

Sarah Gregory,
Chippenham, United Kingdom


November 13, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
It is with pleasure that I write this reference for Bob Patrick who cared and looked after our home and elderly cat as well as carrying out house viewings while our house was on the market. Bob was house sitting for us from September 30th to November 13th 2015.
In summary we could not have wished for a better person to look after our home and cat. I instantly was impressed with Bob who was a safe pair of hands who can be heavily relied on to go beyond what can be reasonably expected of a house sitter. I would not hesitate to allow Bob to house sit again and I highly recommend him for any house sit which you are considering him for. Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give a personal recommendation over the phone or email.
We needed someone who could conduct house viewings while we were away and Bob was always very accommodating to do this at often short notice. It didn't take long for the house to sell and I feel we owe Bob a huge Thank you for that. Not only did he conduct the house viewings, he kept in constant touch to keep us updated (Much better than any estate agent would).
Then there was our cat who was clearly quite attached to Bob. Our cat is 18 years old, blind and in need of daily medication to control her blood pressure. Bob has done a fantastic job at looking after her and keeping her accustomed to the lifestyle she is used to (Freshly roasted Chicken!).
On our return the house was immaculate, the fridge and cupboard packed and beds made so we could sit back and relax. This was beyond what we could wish for and probably more than we as house sitters ourselves would have done.
If I could give any constructive criticism then I would but I can't as Bob was perfect from start to finish. I wish him all the best in the future.
Many Thanks
Richard Reed
Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

CALGARY, CANADA – 1 dog, 3 story condo. Repeat housesit. 1month
COTACACHI, ECUADOR – 2 cats, large home with lots of plants in the back area and large garden area. Repeat sit. 3 months.
MALAGA, SPAIN – Repeat sit. 2 cats, managing a holiday rental apartment including change-overs and collecting cash rents, 11 weeks.-
SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA - 3 cats, comfortable home in town with backyard garden. 7 weeks. Video reference is here.
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON USA - 1 older cat and a condo. 11 weeks
ARENOSA, PANAMA - 3 active dogs, large home on the lake. 5 months
CHAPALA, MEXICO - 1 cat and 1 3-legged dog, large country club home with lake view, pool, 2 cars. 5 weeks.
COTACACHI, ECUADOR - 3 sits. One with 2 large dogs. One with 3 cats.
PROGRESO, YUCATAN, MEXICO - 1 dog. Home with pool, car. 5 months.

Last updated: 25 October 2023

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, North East Asia, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South East Asia, South Korea, South Pacific, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

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From: 9 July 2024
Until: 31 December 2024

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Above and Beyond

Bob Patrick Bob housesat for us for 7 weeks in July and August 2018. We cannot rate him highly enough! Just before he arrived the lady who was supposed to be managing our self-catering holiday cottage for us resigned and Bob very kindly offered to look after that for us as well, this involved cleaning, preparing welcome packs (including making fresh bread) and meeting and greeting guests. Bob kept immaculate records of all the comings and goings and his expenditure over that time. The guests gave us five star reviews over that time, commenting on what a great host he was. Within our house, Bob had to look after our two dogs and two cats, all of whom adored him! He even taught our dogs some manners – they were very untrained when he arrived! When we returned from our trip, the house was spotless and Bob had prepared a lovely meal for us. There were fresh flowers and fruit on the table and he even washed and ironed the bedding! He had use of our car while we were away and he returned it clean and filled with fuel. In addition to all of this, Bob was great company in the couple of days at the beginning and end of our trip that we spent with him. We couldn’t have asked for more! Frances and Ruan O’Tiarnaigh

Ruan, United Kingdom, 14 March, 2019

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Good in the garden
  • Handy around the house

You are very lucky indeed if you choose Bob Patrick

Bob was an ideal housesitter. In addition to flexibility when my travel plans changed, he was great with the house and animals and very helpful with the house and meals when I had a work project. Plus he is very intelligent and we had some great conversations!

Sharon, Costa Rica, 28 December, 2018

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Handy around the house


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