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From: 12 June 2019
Until: 26 April 2020




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About this sitter

We're a young Spanish couple (no smokers), passionate about travel, animals and pets, international cooperation, education and culture.
In the last years we lived in UK, Italy and Germany. Actually we're petsitting in Germany and after that, we will stay in Sofia (Bulgaria) for another petsitting during the summer.

We've travelling around Southern Asia for 9 months between 2018 and 2019. In this travel, we have been volunteering for several weeks in a dog Shelter in Pai, Thailand (Pete´s Mission).

Mireia studied humanities and a Master´s degree in teacher training. She has volunteered and worked for different NGO's in the UK, Spain and Germany, and has a broad experience in teaching, childcare and animal care.
Horacio is studying journalism. He loves writing and practicing sports, has also experience in childcare as Au-Pair in Germany and Italy.

Why they want to house sit

We´re quite on the way to become digital nomads working in a blog project about travel, off the beaten track, eco-projects, volunteering... We like travelling slow paced, getting to know the people and the cultures of the places we visit and at the same time, we try to help in different projects teaching English to kids, taking care of animals, working on eco-farms, etc.
For all of that, house-sitting is a good opportunity for us to dedicate some tome to our project, slow down, and at the same time, stay for a while with pets, something we miss very much from home.

Their experience

We've done actually three petsittings (two in China and one in Germany). In this three sittings we've taken care of cats and poultries.
We both grow up with pets at home so we have a lot of experience with dogs and cats, and on how to take care of them as it was part of our responsibilities while teenagers. Our childhood's memories are full of times spent with a few dogs and cats that we loved.

Mireia has two dogs back in Spain named Kiara and Trasto. And her dad has a fluffy laid back cat called Rus and a super well trained and very sweet german shepard mix called "Viola". On Horacio's side, his family has Tomi, a small and crazy little dog. Together we have also two "sweet" rabbits, Tay and Los. (They are not really sweet but we love them anyway)

Volunteering with shelters back in Europe and volunteering at Pete's Missions has also widen our kwnodledge on how to deal with differente types of dogs, difficult dogs, stopping fights, rushing animals to the vet and handling dishabled dogs and cats.

We'll stay in contact with you 24/7 if you need to know about your pets :-)
We have a couple Instagram @noloestamos if you want to check our travel so far as well!

What can they bring to the assignment

We have experience in another website (Trustedhousitters) and we have a lot of personal experience with pets.

Available to house sit

Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

Availability dates

From: 12 June 2019
Until: 26 April 2020

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Age: 26-35 years old
Family status: Couple


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Last updated: 12 June 2019