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Globe-trotting, animal-loving family experiencing the World!



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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Guinea pig(s), Rodent(s), Pig(s), Goat(s), Reptile(s), Farm animal(s)

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From: 7 May 2019
Until: 31 December 2020


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About this sitter


Thank you for your interest. Here is an introduction to us:

Christine is 35 years old, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and has a heritage from Hong Kong. She has lived and travelled abroad since 2011 in Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, Central America and the Caribbean. She is fluent in English and Chinese, and speaks basic French.

Fabrice is 42 years old, was born and raised on the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, and has Italian and Spanish roots. He lived in the Caribbean for 20 years and travelled throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America and Central America. His mother tongue is French and he also speaks English, Spanish and basic Italian.

Kailea is 3 years old, was born in France and has been travelling the world her entire life. Her first language was animal sounds, she's fluent in English and French, and picks of some of the language of whatever country we are in.

Between all of us, we have travelled and lived in 37 countries across 5 continents. At the moment we are slow-travelling full time, with bases in Europe and Canada. We are curious about all corners of the globe, and will continue to travel while world schooling Kailea and ourselves.

We have had many animals in our lives! Dogs (large and small), cats, horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, birds, chickens, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, gerbils, turtles and fish. Both Christine and Fabrice have had dogs as pets growing up - 4 Boxers (3 females, 1 male, 19 puppies total), German Sheppard (rescue), Australian Sheppard/Collie mix and Yorkshire. We rescued 2 kittens in Saint Martin who became part of the family. We have experience house sitting multiple dogs and cats.

Kailea loves animals and is very comfortable around them. She has helped her parents housesit all sizes of dogs and cats. Everyday at our house sitting on a permaculture farm & agriturismo in Italy, she feeds the horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chicken and ducks. She would run out to play with the neighbourhood dogs and cats when we were living in Thailand, Mexico and Anguilla. In fact, her first animal sounds were ‘woof woof’ and ‘meow meow’. Your pets will receive lots of cuddles and attention!

Fabrice is Mr. Fix-It with work experience in building, general maintenance and swimming pools/jacuzzis. He has a big green thumb having taken care of his family’s land for over ten years in the south of France. He helped his parents refurbish an old vineyard in order to plant trees, flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Nowadays, Christine will catch him trying to plant everything. That is how our compost became an eclectic garden in our backyard in Anguilla, and coconut shells in our garden in Thailand became…coconut shells sitting in our garden :)

We are eco-conscious and experienced with living in rural areas in developing countries with limited water and electricity. We have long-term house sitting experience for an off-grid house and yurt with solar panels, collecting our own water, compost toilet and general maintenance. We have also housesat long-term on a 100+ acre permaculture farm & agriturismo in the mountains, so we are well-accustomed to countryside living.

We are financially independent. Christine is writing several books, and she is also a yoga instructor and conscious event facilitator. Fabrice has played team soccer in Polynesia, owned a watersports business and managed hospitality businesses in the Caribbean and France.

We have stayed in many AirBnBs around the world (please see for 100% positive reviews), so we respect and take care of others’ homes like our own space. Christine has been both a homeowner and landlord in Canada. Fabrice has lived in and taken care of homes in France and the Caribbean - from luxury villas to simple sailboats.

We are a quiet family who keeps to themselves, but we enjoy meeting new people and learning about different cultures. We are non-smokers, do not consume drugs and are occasional wine drinkers.

We have our own camper van in Europe.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

With love,
Christine & Fabrice & Kailea

Why they want to house sit

We really enjoy house and pet sitting as it opens up a window into the culture and lives of the places we are travelling in. We prefer to have relationships with local residents and their communities so we can learn from them, instead of travelling mainly for tourism.

Since we travel full time, house sitting also provides us with the comforts of a home that may not be available in a traditional rental. Both Christine and Fabrice have lived with pets and rescue animals our whole lives, so meeting pets on the road give us the opportunity to connect with animals and for Kailea to communicate with her animal sounds!

Their experience

We have experience house sitting the following properties:

1) Umbria, Italy: 500-year-old farmhouse on permaculture farm & agriturismo on 100+ acres of countryside in the mountains. 2 dogs (officially). Friends to 3 horses, 4 pigs, 5 goats, a sheep, many chickens and ducks. 6 months.

2) Umbria, Italy: Farmhouse and garden in countryside in the mountains. 2 dogs. 4 days.

3) Algarve, Portugal: Off-grid house and yurt on 32 acres of countryside in the mountains. Solar panels, collecting our own water, compost toilets, general maintenance. 2 cats. 5 months.

4) Sete, France: 3 bedroom apartment. 3.5 weeks.

5) Beziers, France: 2 bedroom house with garden. 1 week.

6) Hong Kong, China: 1 bedroom apartment. 3 weeks x 2 occasions.

7) Koh Samui, Thailand: 1 bedroom house and garden. Multiple occasions.

8) Koh Samui, Thailand: 5 bedroom house with pool and garden. 1 dog. Multiple occasions.

9) Saint Martin, French West Indies: 4 bedroom house and garden. 1 dog. Multiple occasions.

10) Saint Martin, French West Indies: 2 bedroom house and garden with jacuzzi. 2 cats. Multiple occasions.

11) Toronto, Canada: 1 bedroom apartment. 2.5 months.

12) Toronto, Canada: 3 bedroom house with garden. 2 cats. Long weekend.

13) Toronto, Canada: 1 bedroom apartment. 1 week.

14) Toronto, Canada: Studio apartment. Multiple occasions.

What can they bring to the assignment

Please see above.

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Available to house sit

Canada, Caribbean, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Mauritius, Spain

Availability dates

From: 7 May 2019
Until: 31 December 2020

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