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Conscious and Responsible Caretaker for your Loved Place and/or Animal Family. Available for Long term sits (France, Portugal, Spain-open to other suggestions)



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Pet experience

Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Guinea pig(s), Rodent(s), Pig(s), Goat(s), Reptile(s), Farm animal(s), Other animal(s)

Police check

They have a police check


From: 1 November 2023
Until: 18 July 2025
(see their busy times below)


Film industry, Global Projects organizer, ASEA (Cellular Health), Enagic (Kangen Water), Photography, Writing, just started The Trust Technique Practitioner's Diploma:


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About this sitter

Born a lover of Animals, Plants, People and Nature; cared for farms, houses, small chateaus, to million dollar villas and mansions (can drive tractors, work lawn equipment), work with plants, gardening and lawns (permaculture or landscaped), writer, professional voice artist, global project developments, passionate about health and wellness for animals, plants and people, sovereignty (studying law for mankind), mind/body/spirit balance of animals, land and people, community development, artist, work with Enagic (Kangen water), ASEA (Cellular Health-Redox Molecules), Cellular Health Coach, and have just started my Trust Technique Practitioner's Diploma (working with animals and their humans- this link gives an idea of what the TT is):

**IMPORTANT: I do have my darling cat Rhya, and my darling dog Kaiya, a sweet, super energetic, and amazing doggie; so the place also needs to be amicable for them as well as myself. (they're the cat and dog in my photos. My hearts).

They are extremely sweet, clean, versatile and love meeting new people and animals, and well-behaved in house and yard (no digging, scratching, spraying etc). Everyone falls in love with them!

**Also, I am used to introducing new animals into a household and would take the time to make that a loving and safe space to do so for our animals and yours, taking as long as it needs (easy to do with long cares and more than possible with short cares

Why they want to house sit

It is deep passion for me!

I have done a lot of house sitting around the world, (before living in France, cared only for friends places and referrals made by friends)

I love taking care of people's special places and/or their beloved animal beings. It is such a beautiful honour to be able to give and also receive in a way that feels connecting and also, learning about other beautiful people, animals and places around the world enriching my life experiences and creating a growing community in my life and also in my girls lives (Rhya and Kaiya-the cat and dog in the photos are them).

I love to travel and get to know a place for a while, and to meet great people (you can never have too many friends and beautiful connections); honouring and treating your animal family and sacred place as I would want mine to be :)

Also, I do not take trust lightly and am very aware of being trusted with another's space and animal family. I care deeply and take these responsibilities to heart.

I am a Canadian who has lived all over the world (South Africa, Mozambique,Thailand, Bali, Scotland, France, and many others in shorter stints). I am currently living in Southern France and have a car.

Their experience

Yes!! I have been housesitting and petsitting for years since I was around 13 years of age (however have cared for our own animals since I was 3)!

The responsibility and care required to not only take care of our own places and animals, but also of other people's places and/or their beloved animals was natural and effortless for me:) Truly a passion. I have never joined a site before this one, as I was always referred, or people knew me, or they met me and were looking for someone. So in other words, I have usually only housesat for friends, from word of mouth or face to face meetings until my time in France.

My family has an organic farm in Canada (we have 320 acres total-160 acres is the farm, 160 acres is off-grid, I grew up also on 80 acres), so I have been around and cared for property and animals from the time I was very young.

By 10 years of age I was in 4H and also Captain of the Pony Club for 2 years, which really helped me to learn about husbandry and care of horses. My Dad was also an avid horseman and outdoorsman. My Mom works magic with her garden and plants and thankfully has also imparted some of her wisdom with me in regard to the plant kingdom.

My travels around the world and my love for all animals and plants, has aligned me with experiences and learning of many different species of animals and I have also cared for gardens and land from many types of climates.

I had a sweet and magical bearded dragon, Saphira, so have become well experienced in caring for reptiles as well. I am open to learning about any being :)

Please Contact if you would like more information :) This is a bit of info, but I am quite flexible and open to each unique situation, time availability, etc. Thank you!

What can they bring to the assignment

I have a high level of standards in all aspects of life, including myself and how I show up in all that I do. Integrity, honesty, responsibility, attentiveness, intuitiveness, positivity, communication, kindness, just to name a few, are important to me in relating to others and also as qualities I work on and uphold within myself. I am physically strong, and have developed a vast array of skills (I feel as if I've lived 30 lifetimes within this one and enjoy learning)!

I am willing, open, and my intent is to provide care for the place as the owner wants and my goal is always to leave their place and animals better than when I arrived!

In regards, to animals, I have spent my whole life with incredible beings all over the planet and in my own life growing up with them.

Throughout my life, all around the world, people have been coming to me to help their animals if they got sick, as I have spent a lot of time caring for animals in crisis and in rescuing them, and assisting them in their healing comes naturally and intuitively for me, a long with the supplementation of different studies over the years. And of course maintaining their vibrancy when they are healthy and well!

If you are in France, I would love to drive and meet you if you are looking for a long stay. That way you can meet me in person :)

I do have an old police check from 2007 from the Community Development project I was doing in Mozambique and they were starting an NGO. I have never had problems with the law.

And I would love to and am available to also arrange a Skype, Zoom or FaceTime :) Thank you!

Available to house sit

France, Greece, Portugal, Spain

Availability dates

From: 1 November 2023
Until: 18 July 2025

They have indicated that they are busy at the following times:
4 April 2023 to 15 July 2023

Do they charge?

They sometimes charge for house sitting services


MindMyHouse member since 2019

Personal details

Age: 36-45 years old

Total sits

Total completed house sits: 4


Horse and dog expert

Ka conducts herself with an extremely high level of professionalism, she is trust-worthy, honest and reliable. To anyone considering using Ka’s services, we can assure you that you won’t find better. To have the peace of mind that Ka was looking after our dogs and horses and home with the same level of care and attention as our own was priceless.We would highly recommend Ka as an excellent house sitter. Ka is respectful, responsible and courteous. She ensured she had as much information required about our pets and expectations of stay before she commenced her stay and she maintained a very high standard of care, relaying updates or any issues in a timely, professional manner by email or call if necessary We cannot recommend Ka highly enough.

constantina, France, 07 June, 2021

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly

Ka in the Limousin

From the moment we were in contact, it felt as though we had known Ka forever. We were really looking forward to meeting her - and she definitely didn't disappoint us. We were 100% happy leaving the animals and house in her care. When we returned it was clear that everything had run smoothly. Not only that, the garden had never looked so good! We have stayed in touch and wouldn't hesitate having her back - as a house sitter or our guest. We have gained a lovely friend.

Alison, France, 05 August, 2019

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Good in the garden
  • Handy around the house


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Last updated: 1 November 2023