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University Professor and Graduate student - Looking to sit on hiatus

United States


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Dog(s), Cat(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Goat(s) – I'm Ibrahima, I was raised on a farm in West Africa. Until the age of twenty I helped in the farm. My family raised goats, sheep, chickens, we also had mules and cow. I am very good with chickens and gather fresh eggs - what a treat! I had several dogs a

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From: 12 July 2019
Until: 1 December 2020


University Lecturer / Author


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About this sitter

Our profile is very new - July 4th 2019! So, we do not have references through this website yet. However we DO have references upon request, this is no problem!

My name is Marie! My family is from France and Lebanon, I grew up in Canada and have been in the US since my first year of college. I am a graduate student in Bio-Chemistry. I love art, music, journaling, traveling, cooking is a passion, language, the outdoors, and genuine, kind people!

My husband's name is Ibrahima. He is from Senegal. He is a Doctor of Linguistics, a published author, an editor and Lecturer. He currently teaches French and Wolof (a West African Language) at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.

We are a small family. We have a child who is almost 3, his name is Sourie. He speaks only French for now until he begins Nursery school, so if you would like us to stay with you for a week or so before you leave to get to know one another, we would love for you to speak English with him! I understand some may be hesitant of a small family, however, we are 33 and 38, financially stable, mature, tidy, non-smoker, non-drinker. Coming from other cultures we both are a no outdoor shoes inside couple, and different slippers for the bathroom. We never wear shoes in our home and wouldn't in yours! Our son eats what we do, as well, he drinks no sugar or colored beverages. He drinks water, water with soaked oranges, and keifer (a non colored, non flavored yogurt drink) in which he is seated when he does. Our house is extremely tidy and we can certainly send photos. We had new carpet put in 3 years ago and it still looks new!
In summation, no worries about the family part, our child is well behaved and loves to be outside (and LOVES animals!)
We both do as well, Ibrahima was raised on a farm and I have had two beloved cats in my life that I raised from birth. We are both great in the garden if you have one to tend to. We absolutely love working in the yard but since we sold our home, haven't much of an opportunity, that would certainly be a treat!

A link to my husbands University Profile as well:

Feel free to email him at the address on the screen to be sure it is him if you like!

Why they want to house sit

We had to travel back to my husband's home country to see his family and renew his work Visa at the consulate at the end of May and returned on 6/15 (this ended up somewhat needless as we actually just filed for permanent residency for him upon return, but we still go to see the family and his beautiful country!) Because of this, he did not accept a contract for teaching this summer. He also has a contract to re-write a new textbook say will be taking off a month a half of the fall semester as well. This means we have almost 4 months to see this country, meet some wonderful people, and ideally find a house or two to sit while we work on our projects. We charge no fee of course, accommodation in exchange for watching your home and caring for your pets. We just sold our home and were renting a condo in Lawrence, the lease is up at the end of July and we have paid through July already so we would like to leave anytime. Seeing as how we will not be returning to the University until sometime between Late November - January, for the Spring semester, we would like to make this an adventure as well as avoiding signing a lease for a new condo that we may not be living at for awhile. It doesn't make sense financially, or the most fun for our children. We ideally find a place in Colorado, New Mexico, California or really anywhere out west in a beautiful area! We will be headed to Colorado in less than a week anyway (not on an assignment) and to California after that if we do not find anything in between. We will be driving. We love spending time outdoors, even if its just mucking around the garden in the backyard, so if there is a little yard work to be done we are happy to tend to it.

Their experience

In addition to being homeowners before ourselves, we have also house sit on two other occasions, both for colleagues who went to their home country. One occasion was with our 3 year old over Spring Break. We would be happy to provide references!

What can they bring to the assignment

4 green thumbs, a love of animals, a very organized and tidy demeanor, alert, responsible and mature.

Available to house sit

United States

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From: 12 July 2019
Until: 1 December 2020

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Age: 26-35 years old
Family status: Family with children


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Last updated: 5 July 2019