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Experienced, Professional & Respectful: Housesitting Couple!

United States


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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Guinea pig(s), Rodent(s), Pig(s), Goat(s), Reptile(s), Farm animal(s), Other animal(s)

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From: 19 March 2023
Until: 31 December 2028


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We are full time housesitters who have had the chance to sit all over the country for two years for a variety of different pets and we love it! In addition, we have years of renting experience and have pet and house sat for family and friends when they were out of town. Some of our references come from previous rentals which show our ability to maintain respectful relationships when using someone else's property.

What can they bring to the assignment

We are a trustworthy couple who can provide a routine for your pets while you are away. Both working full time from home, we can provide consistency within your home for your animals. We are able to take walks, feed, provide medication and much more! Please reach out for a list of 5 star reviews from the past two years!

Last updated: 23 July 2024

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Australia, Ireland, United States

Availability dates

From: 19 March 2023
Until: 31 December 2028

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They don't charge for house sitting services


MindMyHouse member since 2020

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Age: 36-45 years old
Family status: Couple

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Total completed house sits: 3


Diligent, personable couple delivers peace of mind

Megan and Zach Becker are quality people that everyone wants to have in their inner circle. They are polite, professional, great communicators, trustworthy, and always willing to take care of issues that have made my life easier. I've been so blessed to have them caring for my home, property, vehicles and favorite 4-legged companion over the last 6 months while I am deployed overseas. My dog Rascal immediately knew she was in good hands. From the first moment of their arrival, they showered her with love and attention. They took long walks and visited our favorite parks to chase the ball and explore the woods. Megan and Zach made her their #1 priority and adopted the same routine I enjoyed with her before leaving home. It warmed my heart to receive a new picture or video each week. Knowing she is getting all the cuddles and love a person could share with an animal has made my absence so much easier. Thank you Megan, thank you Zach! Household care. Megan and Zach have helped me maintain the house by scheduling repairs, changing air filters, and taking care of spring cleaning, yard work and small projects to meet HOA requirements. They kept me informed of progress and expenses and ask for my input whenever a question or decision needed to be made. They are both fully hands-on taking care of business like total pros. No worries with anything. Cars. My cars were garage stored, but to keep them in good working order Zach started them periodically to keep everything lubricated and in good shape. When a battery wouldn't hold a charge, he took the car up the street to my mechanic and settled the bill with my credit card to make sure it was ready to go when I returned. I couldn't ask for a more dedicated and pleasant couple. I hope to stay in touch with them when they move on for new adventures. Choosing them as sitters has enriched my life and given me total peace of mind. I strongly recommend them and would be proud to have them stay at my house any time.

Jennifer, United States, 06 June, 2021

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly
  • Good in the garden
  • Handy around the house


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About this house sitter

MindMyHouse member since February 2020