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Capable and tidy caretaker with years of experience caring for a variety of pets

United Kingdom


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Dog(s), Cat(s), Chicken(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Rodent(s) – I have experience caring for older pets and those with a variety of health needs

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From: 3 August 2020
Until: 11 August 2021


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About this sitter

A young zoology major who has been caring for a variety of pets for the past 7 years. During 6 months this past year I worked for the dog walking organization While You Were Away (USA) as well as being a secondary caretaker for 5 show Briards. I have also helped care for the cats, dogs, chickens, and occasional fish of those in my area for long and short periods of time. From these experiences, as well as my schooling, I have learned the significance and responsibility that comes with caring for animals. When looking after pets I see it as my duty to treat them with the kindness, decency, and understanding that all creatures are due.

Why they want to house sit

I have grown up with animals all of my life. I find their company to be the most cheering and natural. Having time off from school has given me the opportunity to travel and I would like to do so while spending time caring for the creatures I like best.

Their experience

For 6 month this past year I was the secondary caretaker for 5 show briards. I would visit 3-5 times a week to walk, groom, and play with them. While there I also helped the owner train and understand the dogs through a citizen science experiment known as Dognition. This experience taught me a lot about dog psychology and behavior as well as understanding how to give the best care to these lovely creatures. During that same time I was a member of a dog walking company known as While You Are Away (USA) and would visit and care for various dogs, cats, and bunnies. Of course like all neighbors I have over the years taken care of friends pets for up to 2 weeks at a time. My interest in this field started as a child when I would help my neighbor take care, socialize, and rehabilitate rescue dogs.

What can they bring to the assignment

Along with my experience I have an understanding of the responsibility someone gives when letting me stay in their home. I am a clean and tidy individual who would like to reciprocate my appreciation for your kindness in tending for your home and leaving it cleaner then I found it.

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United Kingdom

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From: 3 August 2020
Until: 11 August 2021

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Last updated: 2 August 2020