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Cat(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Tortoise/Turtle(s), Other animal(s) – I generally love animals - so feel free to ask if you got another sort than cat(s), one can never know... ;-)

Police check

They have a police check


From: 1 May 2024
Until: 1 January 2025
(see their busy times below)


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About this sitter

Hello there.

Here is a potential cat sitter for your feline companion(s).

In a nutshell: I adore cats and love to travel. Have lived with cats for many years. And got lots of patience for shy, anxious or older cats as well. Their company is enough, they don't have to look good or be fit. And yes that also means: I would ensure they would take / get their medications or special food / feeding support, should they need any.

At my home in The Netherlands I spend many hours calmly sitting with a laptop, working or researching info. It could be relaxing for your felines: Someone in the house just for calm company, give them attention and care like playing with them if they want to, feeding and cleaning. But leaving them in peace if they want to be left alone.

Opened my account on this portal in June 2020 - then life got in the way, like for many others, also for my travel plans back then, to make it brief. Now I gave this another start. Completed my first cat sitting assignment finally - see testimonial below.

I'm female, non-smoker, non-drinker. Native German-Italian. Car driving license (useful in case your feline[s] would need to be seen by a veterinary, I could safely get it / them there).

Working for technical projects. Living in The Netherlands since 2002.

I greatly enjoy the outdoors, especially the sea, hills, open countryside - and peaceful, quiet, simple living. Have also lived in bigger cities for many years (Berlin, Rome, Naples) and stay curious for many others.

Also a house sit without pets would be possible. Or with different kinds of animals like birds, plants, fishes.

Do get in touch for any questions!

Why they want to house sit

Quite simple: I miss feline presence in my life.
Lived for 20 years with an outdoor cat - seen on the photos above - she still enjoys a fine free ranging life at a Dutch marina. Due to a (peaceful) separation after two decades together I chose to leave her there in good hands. And yes I still miss her very much but am consoled by the fact that she still has a free and comfortable, healthy life and is well looked after.

I live at the Wadden Sea now, in a house that would only be suitable for so called indoor cats. Located in a very busy street. And I still have to see if I stay in that house for longer. So no "own" cats for the time being here.

My daily work happens for the biggest part behind a computer. Being a mix of intro- and extrovert as character, I enjoy being alone for longer periods equally as seeing other places and meeting new people. There is a right time and dosage for everything, isn't it. Got a big interest for travel, too - and as said above I do adore cats. As a former long-term cat "owner" myself I completely understand the concerns and hopes you may have when you leave your house and cat for some time. The concept / vision of house & cat sitting is awesome: With its potentially great benefits for both sides it makes perfect sense to me.

Their experience

Short answer: Yes with all aspects of pet and house care. I spent biggest part of my life in the company of cats - either nearby or by having own cats. As cat sitting via portals, for people I do not know previously - once, just completed an assignment at Amersfoort, NL.
And it was a real lovely experience. Hope to add more soon.

That having written, I intend to follow the very same care & common sense principles. And upon your return from wherever you will go, you' ll find your house just in the same conditions as you left it.

What can they bring to the assignment

Lots of attention, expert care and real love and interest for your cat(s).
And a calm, friendly attitude towards anyone human I meet. I don' t smoke, drink or take any drugs - am definitely boring that way. ;-) No party maker either. I do love music and interesting films but listen to those through noise canceling wireless headphones. In other words: Your cat(s) or neighbors won't hear any of it. And obviously, I would always make sure to keep an eye on your cat(s) even when immersed into music or film.

What else - I' m fluent in DE, IT, EN and NL, got a drivers license and >30 years of driving experience, incident-free thus far (fingers crossed for the future). Which also means should your cat(s) require a vet visit I could get it / them to the vet if I' m with my own car, for instance.

About the police check. Dutch authorities require for a police check that every potential new "employer" must be the one to formally request it - and as it turned out, that requesting instance must be a company. Or if voluntary work: An NGO / volunteer organisation planning to "employ" me directly (asked Mindmyhouse yet they cannot help out here they confirmed). In simpler words, in NL I cannot go to my local police station and just generally request one, for private cat / house sitting. I tried that a few weeks ago and that was the youngest info I got. Has to be linked to a specific official work contract. See details for yourself: (NL - may I suggest: Copy & paste texts from there into a web translator like this one:

So we'd need to go with references here - and / or what i can offer, too: I got one police check referring to onboard (via air) courier of goods. Granted, not exactly the same activity, but still a screening for criminal records done by a company (2021). Happy to send you that one on request.

Also, I would have no problem to stay in touch with you and send you daily updates including photo / video while cat / house sitting via whatsapp, the telegram app (preferred) Zoom / MS meetings or simply via phone calls.

Time periods are quite flexible from my side. Just send me a message if you're interested.

Last updated: 1 February 2024

Available to house sit

Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Availability dates

From: 1 May 2024
Until: 1 January 2025

They have indicated that they are busy at the following times:
6 November 2023 to 2 January 2024

Do they charge?

They don't charge for house sitting services


MindMyHouse member since 2020

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Wow, can you say purrrfect catsitter?!

So Mele is actually the best thing that happened to us. Due to personal circumstances we did not have anyone to sit our cats while we were on holiday and so a colleague of mine directed me to At first we were a bit reluctant but as soon as we saw Mele's profile, we were pretty enthusiastic as she really came across as a cat lover and addict ;) and boy was she ever! She stopped by to get acquainted and stayed for two hours. It quickly became clear that she really does adore cats and cats adore her. Even one of our shier cats immediately came up to here and wanted to be petted. So after this meeting everything felt right and she agreed to watch after our cats. While we were away, she provided us with daily updates including some pictures and video clips to ease our minds ???? also, she cleaned the litterboxes two times a day and was even willing to get the boys their dietary food when delivery failed to be in time. All in all, she made sure that our two boys could stay in their daily routine and you know what, as soon as we came back it seemed like they were upset that she left! All I can say is that although Mele is the only cat sitter we've ever had, she's easily the best anyone could ever wish for. Did I mention she is also very friendly and an enjoyable company for people? ???? We experienced this ourselves, but also received feedback from some of our neighbors. Lastly, she left our hours very neat and clean.

Ardash, Netherlands, 19 August, 2023

  • Tidy
  • Organised
  • Good at pet care
  • Reliable
  • Kept in contact
  • Friendly


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MindMyHouse member since September 2023