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House sitter available here! :)

United States


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From: 28 April 2021
Until: 22 May 2023


Writer, Teacher, Counselor


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About this sitter

I am a very active, driven, and motivated individual who is always seeking inspiration in the world around me. I love animals, nature, music, poetry, travel, and philosophy. I am a life-long learner with an insatiable curiosity regarding the human condition and personal development.

I find great pleasure in helping others and finding purpose in the world around me.

Why they want to house sit

My employment allows me to be mobile and I enjoy seeing new places. I very much enjoy traveling. Being in new places and meeting new people motivate and inspire the writing on which I am working.

Their experience

I have been unofficially house-sitting for several years, yes.

At this moment, this is the first time that I have had my own MindMyHouse account, but have been on several house-sitting assignments with my cousin. I have been a caretaker for both people and animals and have maintained internal and external property responsibilities--as needed--for almost 15 years.

Honestly, there are probably more things I have experience in than I would be able to list. Most likely, if there is something that you would need done, I could do it.

Also, because I am new to this site and do not yet have a plethora of recommendations quite yet, I would be more than happy to gather any type of verbal or textual references that you would need. I am very close with my previous employers and members of my community for generations and could even get you references from local authorities, employers, previous employees, and/or previous or current clients of landscape/property maintenance.

What can they bring to the assignment

I am a animal lover of ALL kinds. I own a dog of my own (that will be safely in the company of another while I am away). I have experience owning both cats and dogs, but have also worked with many other types of house pets. I am extremely structured with my daily routine and keep an open schedule to be able to prioritize the animals whenever necessary.

I am currently a writer who has published two poetry books and am working completing two more, as well as a novel and screenplay.

I also have previous work experience managing a landscaping company as well as teaching high school, computer network technician, counseling, drug and alcohol guidance, and a certified life coach who enjoys public speaking. While I am on assignments, I would be more than willing to contribute by utilizing any of my numerous skills.

I greatly enjoy being active throughout the day when I am not writing or working, so if there are any other things that would need to be completed, I would be grateful for the task and purpose.

Available to house sit

United States

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From: 28 April 2021
Until: 22 May 2023

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MindMyHouse member since 2021

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Age: 36-45 years old

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Last updated: 3 April 2021