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Heidi & Scoob - Reliable, friendly 45 year old female & her trustee Jack Russell - ready for an adventure & pastures new

United Kingdom


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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Guinea pig(s), Pig(s), Goat(s), Farm animal(s) – I can provide references, testimonials and photos from people I have worked with and friends and family who have known me a long time and can vouch for my character.

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From: 30 November 2021
Until: 30 January 2023


Venue & Events Manager


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About this sitter

Hi there. A friend told me about this website as I have huge wanderlust and want to see and do as much as I can now I am in a position to do so. I really enjoy my own company and I’m extremely trustworthy and reliable so I feel I would make a really good candidate to look after your pets and your home. My dog Scoob means the world to me, as does my home, which I bought and refurbished 5 years ago and am very proud of so I know how important it is to leave what you love most in capable hands giving you peace of mind on your own travels/work/visiting family away from home.

Why they want to house sit

I have worked in the events industry for the past 20 years, looking after, marketing and selling venues, mainly in London within the corporate market, with some private and wedding hire. I was made redundant from my role at Twickenham Stadium selling the stadium outside of match days when the pandemic hit and have been doing various roles since - waitressing (which I loved!), call centre work for Barclaycard (didn’t love so much!) and I am now working at a hotel in York within the sales team, but it’s just not what I want to do anymore. I have been very bound by ageing parents and I miss the experience of travelling, the people you meet and the things you learn along the way.

Their experience

I have looked after friends homes, let’s, children many times! I have volunteered in a dog rescue in South Africa and an orphanage in Thailand and was an au-pair girl in Paris many moons ago! I have travelled extensively round Australia, South Africa, Thailand and lived in Paris and Spain for extended periods of them and find I am happiest away from home! I am young at heart with a huge appetite for life and willing to muck in wherever needed. I have lots of enthusiasm and respect and empathy for others. I believe all of the skills I have honed in my working life are entirely transferable to looking after people’s pets and homes.

What can they bring to the assignment

I will bring you reassurance whilst you are away so you can relax and do whatever it is you need to do without any additional worries or concerns. I will keep in touch as often as you need me to, but I am also happy to be autonomous so you are not disturbed unnecessarily when you need to be elsewhere. I am capable and resourceful, know how to run a home, deal with people and I am myself a responsible dog owner and I love the company of animals - they rely on you for everything and I have the energy and insight to provide them with what they need in your absence.

Available to house sit

Africa, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, Caribbean, Central South America, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Laos, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, South Pacific, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam

Availability dates

From: 30 November 2021
Until: 30 January 2023

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Age: 36-45 years old

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Last updated: 6 November 2021