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Traveling spiritual seeker



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Dog(s), Cat(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Tortoise/Turtle(s), Farm animal(s) – When my travels didn’t allow me to keep my dog Gracie it was a difficult time for me because she had given me so much courage to survive. She has now passed on. She taught me everything I truly needed to know about how to love. She made me a better human.

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From: 26 April 2022
Until: 22 December 2022


Sound healing and energy worker


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About this sitter

I love Nature in all forms, the sea, mountains, rivers, animals and wet grass for my feet. I have lived for two months on a farm with sheep, chickens, ducks and a lama in Burnsville NC. I have done work exchange for a camp ground in Costa Rica. I have exchanged healing practices for a cabana for 3 months, also in Costa Rica. I have house sat for a restaurant/home with two turtles, two parrots and three cats to care for. I have house sat a home and dog companion.
All were wonderful experiences and took me to beautiful places I never had time or money to go to when I was “working”. Since 2019 my days are about healing trauma, doing spiritual practices with a deep longing for the Truth and the freedom from conditioning and programming It offers. Society told me I had to pay dues of mental enslavement, living in fear of homelessness to be worthy of a place in this world and I challenge that belief every day by how I now choose to live.

Why they want to house sit

I am a soon to be 59 year old Caribbean woman who has always been a world traveler since childhood. My life radically changed three years ago. After decades of spiritual seeking God took me serious. I turned to gardening to support myself and Nature blew my heart open. My life is now dedicated to freedom in all forms. I had been living in a tent, camping in exchange for gardening work. House sitting is another creative way to live, travel and have time for my practices. I get so many more experiences living and caring for other peoples homes and pets traveling than I ever did going on “vacation”.

Their experience

Yes. I have house and dog sat for short periods. Last time it was for close to a month in Costa Rica caring for an adult female dog named Rosie.

What can they bring to the assignment

I have been told that I am an ideal house sitter…I communicate how things are going during the sit, ask questions when there’s a need, my days are filled with spiritual practices (meditation, drumming and sound, chanting) staying around the house and no partying or having people over. My desire is to leave the property better than I found it or at minimum how I found it. It was a way of living that came to me while in India for three months. I started picking up garbage along the Ganges. It was simple. I wanted to leave it better than I found it. My ego said it wasn’t worth it if I couldn’t clean ALL of it. I decided my ego was mistaken. So now it’s what I do in all spaces, leave it better than I found it. Even when it wasn’t “my” mess.

Available to house sit

Africa, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Caribbean, Central South America, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, South Africa, South East Asia, South Korea, South Pacific, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Availability dates

From: 26 April 2022
Until: 22 December 2022

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They sometimes charge for house sitting services


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Age: 56-65 years old

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Last updated: 26 April 2022