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If I Am Your Divine Right Sitter, You'll Know It! YES!

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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Goat(s), Farm animal(s) – I've cared for six dogs at once, some of which were aggressive to my travel companion/kitty; still, I managed to keep all pets happy and safe and living their best lives.

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From: 8 June 2022
Until: 8 June 2023


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Since my life/work revolves around spirituality and wielding thought energy to create my world, I am best described as a Mystic and Thought Leader, though my friends might call me somewhat of a monk! That's b/c I'm just coming off of 7 full years of a healing 'sabbatical', sitting under the proverbial Bodhi Tree, as it were. My work (i.e. writings, podcasts, intuitive readings, coaching, etc.) is featured at BellaWorld, an online tribe of visionaries/creators. Check it out at -- you'll get a wonderful idea of who I really am. You'll see I'm all about FUN, EASE, and mostly -- FREEDOM! I'm a single, joyful, adventurous spirit, age 57, college educated, former outdoor guide, leader of sacred circles for women, former Executive Director of Wild Ground (a nonprofit sacred community center), former roofing crew leader for Habitat For Humanity and volunteer coordinator for Christmas In April (a housing non-profit). I also founded the first All Women Build Habitat House in the state of Montana. Housing is one of my passions! Dancing is another, with tango being my current love. My only 'child' is my sweet kitty, Preacher Man, who is a wise old soul, 14 yrs, and comes with stellar references. Where I go, Preacher goes. He is my best friend.

I do not do drugs, drink only on rare occasions, and I do not smoke. I honor the Earth, practicing as sustainable living/eating/consumer habits as possible.

Note: Preacher and I have lived with and amongst six -- count 'em! SIX -- dogs at one time and at various house-sits, so we are fully equipped and happy to meet some new doggie friends. If you feel good about me, you'll for sure feel good about Preacher Man. We are two peas in a pod. : )

Why they want to house sit

Last July, my 7 year lease was up at my home in Pacific NW, b/c owners retired. I made the decision to let go of renting altogether so I can purchase a home. I placed all my things in storage, as I await investments paying off to enable me to buy the house I've had my eye on -- which is an absolute MARVEL of a home on the Olympic Peninsula, with current owners awaiting my offer. I've been living with friends in the meantime, and recently made the decision to start house/pet-sitting b/c I have a history of truly positive experiences doing so, and because I'm looking forward to the peace, quiet, solitude, and privacy of having my 'own' place again for a short time. Also, I have relied upon house/pet sitters myself, and I know how vital it is to have someone trustworthy, who'll treat a home/pet as if they were their own. I'm THAT person.

Their experience

I have years and years of experience house/pet-sitting, caretaking a ranch in Montana, a sustainable off-grid strawbale house in New Mexico, a mountain lodge in Colorado, homes on the California coast, as well as on the border of Mexico in Arizona. I've done several long-term stints at the home of the late actress, Margot Kidder (she was a true dog lover!), while she was away making films. My most recent house-sit is a month-long stint on the Oregon Coast.

What can they bring to the assignment

I can 100% GUARANTEE I will treat your pets and home as if they were my own. You'll be able to breathe easy and relax while you're away, knowing you've got The Best Sitter Ever, watching over the place and pets that you hold dearest. I pride myself on always leaving a home even better than I found it. I'm also an expert on home blessings, clearings, and feng shui.

P.S. I am COVID vaccinated and boosted. I have many references, and I can provide those names/numbers when we talk. I do not have a current police check, but I'm a former Child Abuse Investigator, Director of Treatment Programs at Children's Homes, & also Counselor in a maximum security Corrections Facility, so I have a history of clear security checks on file. While on the topic of my reliability, I have stellar credit scores, and am debt-free. : )

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From: 8 June 2022
Until: 8 June 2023

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Last updated: 3 June 2022