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Responsible, Active Animal Lover & Photographer to Care for Your Home & Pets



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Dog(s), Cat(s), Horse/Donkey(s), Chicken(s), Bird(s), Fish, Rabbit(s), Guinea pig(s), Rodent(s), Other animal(s) – I am happy to care for animals that I have no experience with if you can guide me :)

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From: 10 July 2022
Until: 30 September 2024


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About this sitter

I am a professional software engineering manager who works remotely. I love traveling and immersing myself in other cultures. I am also a semi-professional photographer who works in pet and artistic portraiture. I don't party, smoke, or use drugs and am very independent. I speak native English and intermediate French and sign language.

In a house sit, I am looking for somewhere quiet with reliable wifi. I would love to have animals in the house, but I am happy to simply look after your home and/or garden. Ideally you'll live somewhere where I can walk or bicycle to necessities such as the grocery store and general store and have public transit access if I'd like to take a day to explore the surrounding area. I am active and fit, so a long walk to the nearest store is not a problem (up to about 2miles). I do have a current driver's license. I'm happy to stay either in a city or in the country and find myself quite at home nestled in natural beauty.

I have a well-trained 50lb (26kg) dog who loves cats and dogs. Sometimes she travels with me.

Why they want to house sit

An animal lover and digital nomad, I prefer the experience of living somewhere to being a tourist. I prefer the peace and calm of living in a home to the hustle and bustle of hotels. Many days, I'll simply stay home and work or pursue my hobbies over going to local attractions. Traveling full-time can get lonely, so it's a huge asset to me to have animals to provide me companionship in return for the care and love I offer them.

Their experience

I have completed 7 housesits through housesitting websites in the past as well as caring for the pets of friends and families over the years. (Some reviews here: )

I am super clean, organized, self-sufficient. I am fit and high-energy; yes, I would love to take your dogs on a 2-hour hike. I love all animals and am confident handling and walking large and small dogs and caring for a variety of other animals. I am capable of doing basic maintenance tasks around the home and garden. I have excellent communication skills and am happy to check in with you whenever you'd like.

My parents don't trust anyone else to care for their geriatric dog or cat while they travel. I have been an active volunteer and foster parent at animal rescues for the past 5 years. I grew up with animals - gerbils, a guinea pig, all manner of fish, a cat, a dog, frogs, rats, ferrets, you name it! I spent June 2017 volunteering on a horse ranch in Sweden caring for the animals and spent a few summers riding and caring for horses at the local YMCA.
I'm also a semi-professional pet photographer ( ). As a bonus, I can provide you high quality photos of your pets while you're away or as a keepsake upon your return.

In addition, I completed a 4 month stint doing Workaway - where you volunteer in someone's home for 15-20 hours a week helping with the home, meals, animals, garden, and non-profit work in exchange for room and board. I was fortunate enough to volunteer at a learning center for permaculture and natural building, an off-grid farm and sustainability education center, co-manage a hostel, and take care of a dog and help with administration for a non-profit arts space.

Feedback from my Workaway hosts includes:
"Caila is an absolute gem. Her work ethic, high energy, kindness, and fun spirit make her not only employable, but a pleasure to work alongside. We cannot sing enough praises regarding her performance here at our Hostel & Cultural Center over a span of 2 months; we would take her back in a heartbeat! Don't pass up the opportunity to have this incredible, thoughtful, and talented young woman as a volunteer for your business/place of residence!" -Katie-Ann, Phoenix Youth Hostel and Cultural Center

"Caila was a joy to have. She is very friendly and easy going. Not only was she enthusiastic about helping the project, but she has a really great outlook on life. She was took so many amazing photos of the project while she was here. Not shy, Caila connects easily with residents and visitors alike. She was also very clean and a great cook! " - Jackson, Seneca Treehouse Project

What can they bring to the assignment

I bring a deep love for all kinds of animals that is informed by my respect for them as autonomous beings as well as an understanding of animal behaviour and body language.

I am a high-energy and fit person accustomed to multi-hour daily hikes.

I will be conscientious and respectful of your home and belongings and treat them better than my own.

I take joy in gardening and taking care of houseplants (I have over 60 of my own and a small potted garden outdoors).

Finally I would love to send you regular updates and photos of your pets to set your mind at ease while you travel. I too use housesitters to take care of my dog while I am away, and I know how it feels to want to make sure your pet is in loving and responsible care.

Available to house sit

Canada, France, Netherlands, United States

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From: 10 July 2022
Until: 30 September 2024

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Last updated: 26 September 2023