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In love in cats and dogs and have huge experience how to love them



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Pet experience

Dog(s), Cat(s) – before traveling i was profeccional breeder of brithish fold cats)))

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They don't have a police check


From: 8 December 2022
Until: 20 February 2024


Psyhologist, pilot, astrologist


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About this sitter

Hi community! My name is Elena, i m 36 yo. Originally i m from Russia, but sinse september 2019 i live in travel. I m psyhologist, astrologist, teacher, paragliding pilot.
i lived in Bali, in Turkey, in India, last winter i crossed an Atlantic ocean to explore Both of Americas. And now i m interested about Middle and South America. I m in progress to learn spanish. And for me is very interesting to learn the culture and tradicions of the people where i travel.

And I love animals a lot! During my travel I try to meet with different wild animals. I saw wild flamingos, whales, leons and many others.

I am new here, and havent been a sitter before, so unfortunately for a while i dont have and sitters reviews, but i have a lot of reviews in my airbnb. i can send them by request

Why they want to house sit

Last 3 years i desides to leave my mothercounthry and to live in thravel. But I love pets a lot! And last couple of months i started to think that i wanna take a dog, becase i really wanna share my love and take care about somebody. But after i desides that my current lifestyle might will not make happy the pet, and it is very selfish to take a pet while i travel a lot.
then my friend told me about this website and such possibility to take care about people's animals during my travel.
So for me it is good oportunity to share my love to pets and take care about them and help people who is necessary to find a sitter. And also sitting at home gives me good oportunity to focus more on my work and education.

Their experience

I have huge experience with differet kinds of cats and dogs. From my small childhood we always had cats and dogs in my parents' house. One one of the fotos you can see me sitting at dining table with my mothr's dog. We took this dog from the animal shelter, she was naughty/ I trained her to follow the commands, seat on the chair and don't steal food without permission.
When i saparated from parents, i picked up stray cats, healed them and found them good houses.
I was a breeder of scottish Fold cats, and sa I joke i m mother of 37 kittens)))
I fed newborn kittens when the mother cat was not felling well. i can heal cats and gogs and make then injections when needed. i can gently give them pils and cut their claws and brush the cat's fur.
All my animals were very happy and i organized their like such that they were allowed to do everything as long as they follow the rules of our house: dont spoil or tear anything, use their toilet, do not steal anything, obey me.
At the beginning of 2022 i took care about 4 cats in Lima, Peru, when their mother had surgery. We were very friendly company.
I realize that dogs very often consider me the head of their pride. It happened always when i come to my friends' or parents' houses and they obey my directions more than anothers)) and the last intersting story was in Cuzco couple days ago when unnown dog went with us in another side of villade and in case of possible fight with another dog, obeyed my order and stopped the agression

What can they bring to the assignment

I m professional of taking care about cats and dogs. I will bring them a lot of love and fun)))
I can walk and play with them, i can take care about their fur, clawns and ears.
I can give them pils and make an injections if it's necessary.
I can bring them to veterinary if it is necessary.
I can provide foto and video reports.
I can take care about home plants, water them.
i m really good in structure, so i can manage any schedule of taking care about house and pets)

I m vegeterian and i dont have any bad habbits as smoking) I love cleanliness a lot and protect an environment

Available to house sit

Argentina, Brazil, Central South America, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay

Availability dates

From: 8 December 2022
Until: 20 February 2024

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They don't charge for house sitting services


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Last updated: 20 November 2022