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April and May 2018

  • Country of residence: Australia
  • When can they start: 28 October 2017
  • Available until: 31 December 2017
  • Age: 56-65
  • Occupation: Retired
  • They have no testimonials
  • They have referees/references (view below)
  • They have a police check
  • Pets: Dogs, dogs, dogs !!!
  • They don't charge for house sitting services
  • Last updated: 28 October 2017

About this sitter

We are an active retired couple from Australia. Alf was a gardens and grounds manager and I was an accountant who now does the occasional b&b /cottage cleaning. We are fit - play bowls, tennis and golf. Experienced with pool maintenance and love animals especially dogs.
We have excellent references and are available for late 2016 and most dates in 2017

Why they want to house sit

Interested in house sitting anywhere in Australia or even houseswap ! (We are 50kms south of Adelaide in wine country). We have a beautiful house and have had house sitters ourselves so know how important it is to get right people. Contact us soon as we have some bookings already at or through this site. Can phone on 0618 85562627 for prompt response 

Their experience

For the last eight years we have undertaken house/dogs sits in UK,France and Singapore and have excellent references for the same houseowners. Having had house sitters ourselves know exactly what you want. Not someone who treats your house as their own but one who treats it as a guest - with respect !! Below are the references our 2 houseowners gave us last

"Where to start? I don't think there are enough superlatives to apply
to Alf and Lezli. They have house sat for us for the last four years,
both here in England and at our house in France. They are absolutely
wonderful. They look after our houses as if they are their own. They
are totally and utterly responsible and have made sure that when
things have gone awry in the house (which they have a couple of times)
they have informed me and we have arranged to get them dealt with
swiftly. They do far more than I have ever asked of them and are
exceptionally kind. Lezli visits my elderly mother who is in a home
whilst I am away and takes her chocolates! Alf loves gardening and my
garden, both here and in France, never look better than when Alf has
been in charge of them! Not only that, Alf did up my mother's garden
so that it would help me sell her house. It looks fantastic. They also
love my dogs and have looked after them in England and in France - the
dogs really miss Uncle Alf and Auntie Lezli. I never have a moment's
worry when I know they are being cared for by them ".

Actually, Alf and Lezli have really spoiled us and I don't think
anyone else would come anywhere near. Frankly, I don't think I would
want anyone else if they decided they couldn't do it anymore. It's a
great arrangement and suits everybody. We can go away with no worries
and they know that they can treat our houses as their own.

You won't get anybody better I can assure you ".
To Whom it May Concern,

Lezli and Alf Hamon recently minded our home in Singapore whilst we were away for 2 weeks in October 2012. It was our first attempt at using a house-sitter/ dog-sitter. We were extremely happy with the way everything went. The whole process of organizing a sitter was made so smooth by Lezli and Alf. They are experienced house-sitters and world travelers, which made their arrival in Singapore problem-free. They immediately put us at ease with their easy-going personalities as they bonded with our dog Bella.

While we were away, we were advised regularly by email, how things were going with our dog and the condo. Our condo was spotless on our return, our dog had been very well-looked after and loved and the gardening jobs we had requested to be done were done. Fantastic!

We have no hesitation in recommending Lezli and Alf as a house-sitters and certainly we would ask them back again if they were ever interested in returning to Singapore. This was a great experience for us, to be able to leave Bella and the condo in such capable hands. We believe Lezli and Alf to be very dependable, honest and caring people, who genuinely love dogs.

They come highly recommended!

If you would like more information, please contact us at littlesully@rocketmail or call (65) 9116 4958.


Lisa, Scott, Haylee, and Bella Little



14 Manor Gardens, Hampton, Middx. TW12 2TU

Tel: 020 89797966; Email:

30 December 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Alf and Lezli Hamon have been housesitting for us, on a regular basis, since 2010. We go to our house in France every year from May to October and it has always been a great comfort to know that the house in England is in such good hands. I am so grateful for everything that they have both done on my behalf. Alf is not only a brilliant gardener but he also can turn his hand to any repairs that have needed doing as well. They are both extremely conscientious.

I have also from time to time asked them to look after the dogs which they have very kindly agreed to do and I must say, my dogs adore them. I sometimes wonder if the dogs are pleased to see us when we return!

They have taken care of our house in France too, if we want to come back to England, which they are going to do for us in 2015 as we plan to return for a few weeks end July/August.

We have become great friends over the years. They are people I can completely rely on who would never let me down. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to others who want a reliable couple to house sit.

Yours faithfully


What can they bring to the assignment

Gardening, pool maintenance skills.Good with animals especially dogs. Keep a neat,clean and tidy house. Good interpersonal skills - will not antagonise neighbours !! Having had (good and ordinary) housesitters ourselves would be  perfect as we know exactly what is required !!







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