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From: 1 July 2024
Until: 31 August 2024


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About this sitter

I am a retired single low-key guy, non-smoker, no drugs, extremely rare alcohol drinker. I am a current homeowner in Panama, having expatriated from 35 years as homeowner in Colorado (Denver, Manitou Springs), including historic preservation, restoration, and remodeling of all homes owned (the oldest being an 1884 Denver mansion). So I know all about caring for and living in an older home. I make annual return trips to Colorado for medical checkups and to visit friends and family, so am happy to help care for your home (while someone else cares for mine in Panama!) wherever you may be!

Why they want to house sit

Either this is my annual pilgrimage to Colorado, or I'm scratching my travel itch for more explorations abroad. I've visited over 20 countries in my life, on horseback, on foot, on bicycle, in a car, on a cruise ship; you name it, I'll try it! And I've also lived abroad (before expatriating to Panama), so I love immersing myself in the local community, to get a 'boots on the ground' experience. All-inclusive, and 'little America' destinations are NOT on my bucket list.

Their experience

I have cared for neighbors' (and former neighbors') homes and pets while living in Colorado, and when visiting, including staying in their homes. The latest were 2 house sits of one week each in the summer of 2022. I can get references if you would like; they were for friends, not through MMH.

What can they bring to the assignment

As a current (and long term) homeowner, I know the importance of using a home with care. I also can recognize the symptoms of problems. I'm handy with tools for light repairs -- I wouldn't want to undertake on your behalf anything more than light repairs, e.g. changing a faucet washer or toilet flapper, but I could certainly alert you to bigger problems, and stabilize a situation until you bring in the big guns. I can do light yard work; I have no physical limitations, and indeed, as I am extremely athletic, I have more strength and flexibility than most other men my age (61 in May 2024).

Last updated: 4 February 2024

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United Kingdom, United States

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From: 1 July 2024
Until: 31 August 2024

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