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Peru, Pueb Yauri, Espinar, Cuzco


  • Dog(s)


  • Period available: 4 weeks, 2 days
  • Starts: 26 September 2019
  • Ends: 26 October 2019


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They have WIFI

About this assignment

Responsible, serious, committed. Keep the house occupied, clean and tidy, the dogs fed and accompanied, plants watered, check the mailbox and pick up any mail delivered at the house. (No trips to the post office required). Married couples or single folks ok. Deliver the house in same or better condition as you found it, please.

Available "AUTUMN" dates as of now.
Early arrivals/late departures could be okayed. Partial term assignments could be granted (you don't have to agree to the whole term unless you prefer that) unless there are other sitters willing to do longer term.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

I have 2 well-behaved Bichon Frises and 1 small black Schnauzer who will be sad if they are left alone for any prolonged length of time. They're pretty easy to care for and will shower you with attention. They are basically indoor pets so the only things required are food, water, attention, and a short daily 10 minute morning and evening outing. There is an empty lot right in front of the house and that is exactly where they do their walkout and "go" (and there you dont have to "pick up").

Dogs need someone who likes to stay around the house to keep them company. They should be left for more than 6 hours at a time. Dogs "go" within the first 15 minutes after eating. Ours are fed twice a day: a light snack for breakfast, after which they do their morning outing, and their dinner is around 5-7 PM. After dinner is their second outing, and again 10 minutes in the empty front lot is sufficient. Of course if you want to walk them more, they wont complain, believe me! Sometimes they eat the grass in the front lot.

In our city, Ponce, plants need DAILY watering. From JUNE to OCTOBER they need to be SOAKED (not just sprinkled or watered) due to sun and heat that causes too much evaporation (WINTER IS NORMALLY DROUGHT SEASON). The property where the house is, is on the small side, so the area where the plants that need watering are located is not big. But there is a "garden terrace" on the second floor, where large potted plants also need to be watered. Soaking all the plants takes about 45 minutes.

This is also a seasonal airbnb at the house, and depending on the time of the year there might be up to three small rental units occupied (usually in high season from late Nov to April), so if this is a problem please do not contact me for house-sitting, as washing the bed sheets and towels and cleaning a rental unit when it vacates could also be required. While we dont "pay" housesitters to sit, we do charge all airbnb guests a "cleaning fee" and if a housesitter happens to be doing the cleaning and the washing of the rentals, of course I have no problem compensating with the appropriate cleaning fees that guests are charged. (This is only fair). For more information about this task, please do not hesitate to inquire by email.

What are the good features of the property and location

My middle-class neighborhood is normally very quiet and safe. Again, we are in the southern city of Ponce, second largest in the island, located on the "Caribbean side." The house is a two-story concrete construction in the city's largest subdivision which is within 1.5 mile of the Boardwalk on the one side, and the largest mall in the city to the other side, with tons of shops, restaurants and food stands, bars, cinemas, gym, gas stations and a large supermarket.

The trace to the beach or mall is a 10 min bike ride and I have a bike you could use if you give it maintenance. Just keep it safe for me, please, as bikes tend to get stolen very easily even when left parked and chained unattended in many public places. The is also a neighborhood convenience store (a "mini-market") that provides essentials just about 100 yards from the house, and a synthetic running/jogging track less than 2 blocks away. The Hilton Golf and Casino Resort is contiguous to our subdivision. They have a pool, casino and golf course and non-guests can use the facilities at a charge. The city center with its main square and famous fire station, PSE airport (served by JetBlue), and the art museum, are all located within a 15 minute drive. There is Uber service in the city, and even taxis are not that expensive. Bus service is almost nil in most places in PR, so dont count on that.

My house is clean and nice, it was recently renovated so the bathrooms are new with beautiful ceramic tile. Depending on the dates, there would be different options for sitter's acommodations, one being a room inside the main house furnished with a king size bed.

The main house has two bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a living/dining area, washer/dryer, and a kitchen, which you can access. As stated, one bedroom has a king size bed and closet (there is no dresser in this room), and the other bedroom has a full size bed and a chest. There is a balcony on the ground floor with a small kitchenette. Also, there is an upper "garden terrace" great for relaxing during the day and star gazing at night (conditions permitting). In the back yard there is a brick BBQ, if you want to use it to grill something. Parking in front of house. Nice backyard, all of the property is enclosed with a tall, concrete, privacy fence. First three photos and last six photos are of main home.

As of today, we have electric shower head heaters installed which work fine, if you want to bathe with hot/warm water... Also, most bedrooms have a/c, but we require that you turn off the a/c unit when not using it.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

We have these "set" dates but you don't have to do the entire term. But of course, you could come sooner, and/or stay longer, which would be arranged by mutual agreement. Depending on circumstances, me and/or my brother could be in the house overlapping a sitter's stay, if this is a problem with married couples or women sitters please let me know, but I don't expect sole male sitters to be bothered by this eventuality. Of course your stay is completely free of charge, and I have high speed wi-fi throughout most of the house and cable TV in one of the sets. We need someone to be in house every day (though not all day long), to feed the dogs, water the plants, and generally speaking keep an eye on things.

Last updated: 4 May 2019

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Very awesome stay

Me and my girlfriend stayed for approx two months in Rafael and Miguel´s home, during January and February 2018. The brothers are very kind and helpful people and we felt comfortable around them immediately. It´s a big house with a nice garden and a beautiful terrace, small shop in walking distance. We also rented out their AirBnb, which was a nice way to meet people from all over the world. The dogs are easy to handle, very loving and sweet and walking the balls of fur and energy across the street is really fun. There were absolutely no down-points to this house sit and we can recommend the hosts, the pets and the island.

Theresa, Germany, 22 December, 2018

  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Tidy
  • Helpful with problems
  • Kept in contact
  • Gave good instructions