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9 Rescue Cats in a converted old school in rural France

France, Le Monestier, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


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Our cats are allowed in the house, but are free to go outside if they wish too.


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About this assignment

A mature couple or two friends would be best, rather than one person alone.
Experience of a multi cat household would be hugely helpful. But even more importantly we're looking for calm people who understand naturally that slamming doors, or running on our wooden stairs would send previously sleeping cats stampeding in all directions, their nerves all jangling. We're looking for observant people who would notice when something doesn't look right with a cat. The cats are good natured, want human company, and are sociable with eachother. I don't have any aloof cats at all. They are easy to look after, obey voice commands, and there are just a couple of personalities who need some easy management.

Only non-smoking sitters please. We are vegetarian , and although you don't need to be, please be considerate, and wash any utensils used for meat, really well.

There are not many places where you could stay with so many cats! Some of our b&b guests have stayed longer so that they can spend more time with our cats!!! :)

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

It's much easier than you would be thinking to look after our 9 rescue cats!! I've found them myself mostly around our village, or they have been brought home by the other cats, and therefore their ages are approximate. They are all now domesticated, socialised and don't venture far from home. As you can see from the photo they like nothing better than to be all squashed together! They are used to people coming and going in our b&b and like to be made a fuss of, though some require proper introductions first!

Their food is always available for them to snack, which again, they like to do as a social pastime, so just make sure the 'troughs' are filled up.

There are 2 litterboxes which I clean each time they are used. There are plenty of beds and hammocks in the house, but they also like to sleep outside in the garage where there are again lots of comfortable places. They like laps, but also like to be outside playing together, sunbathing, helping us with the gardening, chasing snowballs thrown for them......

The b&b will be closed, so the only responsibilities are the cats, the house, and to have a good stay!

What are the good features of the property and location

Our village is 63890 Le Monestier, France.

If you want the 'real' France then you will love it here. It is rare to find someone who speaks English, and this is still an undiscovered part of France - you will get to see sights like old ladies travelling to the weekly market on their tractors!!

Your own transport is essential as there is no public transport. It is a mountainous area, and our little road has to be ascended in first gear.

We live in a small village in France at the same altitude as Snowdon in my native Wales. We have bought the village school and also the attached building which housed the Mayor's office and professeur's apartment and are still renovating them. The school is a self contained vacation rental, and the top floor of the other building is a b&b in the form of a loft with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a salon. This is where you will be sleeping, with of course access to the kitchen and dining room on the first floor. Please also bear in mind that there is a sweeping staircase of 39 steps to the top of the building where the loft is, so please do consider this when thinking of sitting.

The whole house is well equipped and centrally heated but there is also a wood burning stove in the kitchen dining room which gives a great ambiance.

We have warm summers but we are not in the south of France with its extreme heat, and our mountain breeze usually keeps it fresh even if it is hot. Our winters can be cold with lots of snow, but usually blue skies.

It is a very rural area with the nearest town Ambert being 8km away where you can find supermarkets, restaurants, shops, doctor, hospital etc. Our own village has no shops but does have great circular walks of different durations, both clearly signed and also on maps. Lots of pretty villages and rural towns as well as chateaux, plenty of vide greniers and brocantes if you are interested in rummaging for treasures, but mainly peace and tranquility with lovely views. Your own car is necessary.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

The staircase of 39 steps up to the apartment where you will be sleeping.
Please be considerate of our vegetarianism and clean up any utensils used for meat very well afterwards.
Your own transport is necessary.

Last updated: 10 May 2019

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