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Our Much-Loved Critters Need Your Help in Denmark - Short Notice!

Denmark, Melby


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About this assignment

Hi there 8^)
Erik and I live in Denmark most of the time, where we have the use of a family "summer house" and a guest house that we totally renovated for use for . . . guests 8^) We both have family in the U.S. (I am American) and travel to the U.S. for visits yearly. This year, I have developed a health problem that requires that I stay and extra 10 days - It is also necessary that Erik stay to help. I have a specialist appointment on September 11th in Massachusetts. We have had a pet sitter staying in our summer house since we left and all has gone well. However, she is unable to extend her commitment so we are in a difficult situation. WE NEED SOMEONE, OR A COUPLE, FROM SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 until ;MINIMUM SEPTEMBER 13, 2019. But there is MORE we can offer for the period after we return! Please read below to see what we can offer..

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

It is important for us that our properties are respected. Likewise, we are hoping to find one or more people who will give our pets the love and active care that they need to be healthy in every way. Our cat, Pludselig, is the oldest. He is an indoor and outdoor cat. We follow a schedule with him which works well. For a house-sitter this would involve letting him indoors, and out, feeding him and ensuring that if he is outside when you lock up the house for some reason - he has food and water in bowls on a table outside. He is 10 years old as of September, and he likes to go on walks with you and the dogs. Djunior is 9 years old. It is hard to say who the boss is in this group but it is either Pludselig or Djunior. Djun is the little brown dog shown in the photos. He's a Border Terrier - pure to his breed - which is a hunting dog. He occassionally will have special needs in connection with seeing other dogs and wanting to kill them. Aside from that, as you can see from the photos, he is an adorable and adoring little guy, smart, and very eager to please his people. He is pals with the other two and will be your Pal too if you encourage it. Buppy is the new kid on the block. All three are male. The first 2 are neutered, but he is not. It has no effect other than he should not go free in the neighborhood - which we want to avoid anyway. He is a cuddly, unique, sweet goofball. He is also smart and can learn new tricks. He loves to play, yet, for a 1 year old, he is also remarkably calm when he has had his activity via walks. The dogs get fed twice per day, and long walks (min. 1 km) once per day with 2-3 short walks. This depends on weather and their health - Djunior for example had a recent sprain. In that case, he goes to the veterinarian and we follows doctors' instructions. The cat gets fed a few times a day - topping off his dry food and adding a little bit of tuna fish about once per day.
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: washing dishes and putting them away, taking the garbage out to the large bin, vacuuming 1X per week. Combing the animals (Buppy may be overgrown at this point - he is due for a clip - we can touch base on that), including the cat (gently and Yes - he likes it!). NOT using the fireplace without discussing it with us first. Contacting us if there are any concerns or problems, and generally cleaning up after yourselves.

What are the good features of the property and location

HERE IS THE BONUS - If we work out an arrangement for the period when I/We have to remain here (about 10 days from Sept 3), we will also be able to provide you with 1-2 weeks (your choice) in our guest house. The summer house is North of Copenhagen - 1 hour by car, and 1 1/2 hours by train. It is near a long sandy coastline/beach and next to a walking path that can lead to the beach in 20 minutes. The beach IS ocean but not usually wavy. It is a small home in a typical Danish "sommerhus" style. Nothing has really changed since Erik's parents died. The backyard is fenced in and the dogs respect this. There is a covered patio. It is at the end of a dead-end as we call it in English. It is not a through-road, but rather the road ends where the house sits and another house sits across from it. IN ADDITION, We have our guesthouse which is located in the island of Ærø (Aeroe) in the Southern Danish Archipelago. It is only reachable by ferry and is now home to a new electric ferry. The island gets most of its electricty from wind power and much of the hot water comes from solar hot water farms. You can find the guesthouse on Air b and b at number 9253558. We had decided not to rent it out during September - so IT IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE FROM SEPTEMBER 13 - 27th. There are 105 meters inside and lots of room outdoors in the 2 gardens. Down the hill is the sea, a mild bay, and next to it is a path that runs along the coast to the old town of Ærøskøbing (Aeroeskoebing). There is also a bus that runs, for free, on the island with a stop near the house. We have great neighbors and the area is quite an authentic experience (aside from us being one remote IT worker and then me, the American - not many of us around this old island!). If you enjoy nature, quiet, exploring, biking, relaxing or people-watching, this might be something you would enjoy. We would probably be next door most days, as our home is adjacent to the guest building.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

**We realize this is Short Notice. Unless we have contacted you - please only get in touch IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN BE North of Copenhagen on September 3 or 4 and can stay until Sept 13 or 14.
** We have a standard transmission car available for your use. It is not intended for long drives, as it is old. IF YOU CAN ONLY DRIVE AN AUTOMATIC please bring this to our attention.
**There is no freezer in the summer house. There is a washer, but no dryer. We hang dry our clothes there. The Guesthouse has all appliances you might want - as well as a lovely broad balcony with a broad view over the island.

Last updated: 31 August 2019

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