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Superb location in the Pyrenees, renewed sitter search for 2022, new applications sought

France, Arlos, Metropolitan France


  • Dog(s)

Our dogs came from a shelter in Spain but they only understand English.


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About this assignment

We are looking for a responsible, reliable, animal loving, no smoking couple that would have references. We would be interested in having sitters coming for a minimum of two weeks to one or two months within the range of the beginning of May 2022 to the end of October 2022, and the same period in 2023, 2024, and so on. We will also be taking trips during winter months but this will start from 2023. At the moment we take our dogs with us wherever we go. However, we would like to make some trips to other continents , hence the need for house sitters. We are retired now, so the dates do not restrict us, the seasons might do though. All can be worked out to mutual satisfaction.

We would like to take a month long trip in June 2022 without the dogs. Then one or two months between September and October 2022 possibly with the dogs depending where we will be heading. These dates are tentative.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Feeding the dogs and giving one of them regular medicine. Once a day brushing the dogs, airing their bedding and their sofa covers, vacuuming around as they shed their hair all the time. Walking the dogs twice a day (morning and evening) for at least half an hour. Watering the garden (up to twice a day on very dry days) when there is no rain, cut the lawn when necessary and some weeding (the last two on longer stays only). We do have an automated watering system in place in most parts of the garden but it does not reach everywhere. Except at night when they sleep throughout, the dogs need to be around you almost at all times, they love human contact, even just seeing you, as they are still afraid of being abandoned, they still suffer from separation anxiety They are very affectionate and like cuddles so we hope you would oblige them a little. They will play in the garden on their own a bit but otherwise hang around humans.

What are the good features of the property and location

The house is right in the Pyrenees mountains with many interesting walks on the doorstep. The Romans used to excavate marble from the local mountains. This is still taking place on commercial basis. There is now a climbing centre where a Roman quarry used to be. We are in a small village, 1.5 hrs from Toulouse by car. There is a convenience (Casino mini market) store (you can buy all your food), bakery, cash machine, pharmacy, post office, campsite, two hairdressers (for men and women), Tabac, cafe, 12th century church, remains of 15th century castle, a library/media centre, and a swimming pool that is open in the summer months. There is a bus stop to take you to other places. A larger supermarket 40 mins walk from here (or 10 mins by car), in the next village. A couple of restaurants in the surrounding villages. Every year, the village holds a Marble Festival during which one can take courses in stone carving, marble carving, and bronze casting.
Our village is often on the Tour de France route and there are several classic cols within easy range of the house. We are also located only 10 mins from the Spanish border. There are many nice villages in Spain (and France of course) worth visiting.
We live in an old town house which we are in the process of renovating, painting etc. We have all the mod cons, WiFi, hot showers (an independent thermo dynamic hot water system) etc.
Tap water is fine to drink but we drink mineral water from the nearby spring which is 30 mins walk from the house.
There will not be a vehicle available for use, but we do have bicycles.
We would be happy to collect you from the nearest train station. Please ask any questions you may have in case I haven't covered it here.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

We have two German Shepherd dogs, both obedient, loving and crazy about walking. A seven year old female, Minia (38 kg), very streetwise, very smart, can be stubborn as she think she knows it all after living on the streets for a while, tough, extremely energetic and supple, very disciplinarian with her son. Her 4 year old son, Emilio (52 kg and currently on the diet), is a cross with another big shepherd, he is much bigger than his mother but much more obedient, gentler, affectionate, and extremely sensitive. While walking they would need to be kept on the leash at all times as otherwise they would disappear chasing deer, as they have done a few times in the past and finding them was a tall and stressful order. They walk to heel, nevertheless, one needs to hold the leashes well as they do get a little excited sometimes. By this I mean that they would pull the leash a bit, but would stop when you tell them to. They would not run away from you when they are on the leash. We are both in our late sixties and don't have a problem with walking them on our own. We hope that you would take them hiking in the forests and mountains when you go there yourself, as we do now. That would then be enough walking for the whole day, there would be no need to take them out again for shorter walks as hiking gives them plenty of exercise.
The dogs' main diet is made up of raw meat, raw bones, raw eggs, cottage cheese, almonds, bananas, sardines in oil, tuna in oil, yogurts, and occassionally porridge. They eat twice a day, in the morning and evening. Thus, no need to cook for them.
This house sitting arrangement is only suitable for a couple without additional guests or pets, sorry.

Last updated: 1 June 2022
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Lovely place in the mountains

Anna and Robert are amazing hosts, and they live in one of the most beautiful parts of France, close to the Spanish border and surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains. On arrival I felt at home very quickly, and ended up staying a lot longer than planned as I enjoyed it so much! They are very respectful with their house sitters, they always make sure you are comfortable and well informed before they leave. Their two dogs are laid back, obedient and are simply enjoyable to be around. If you are someone who likes the outdoors, nature and amazing scenery, this is ideal for you. When you're done for the day and ready for a bit of down time, there is a peaceful garden that has been filled with many interesting plants, wildflowers and a very productive vegetable garden that grows some of the biggest vegetables I've seen in my life. I would give house sitting for Robert and Anna a strong recommendation. I hope to visit again!

Adam, United Kingdom, 28 February, 2021

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  • Organised
  • Helpful with problems
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