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Off grid home in abandoned village in northern Spain

Spain, Medina de Pomar, Castile and León


  • Cat(s)
  • Chicken(s)

Cats are not allowed into the house but need to be fed in the morning and in the night. Feed them in the morning before opening the chicken and at night after closing the chicken. Otherwise the chicken will eat the cat food


  • Period available: 2 months, 3 weeks
  • Starts: 12 December 2021
  • Ends: 6 March 2022


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About this assignment

Looking for a responsible and adventurous couple who is interested in living off grid and can manage to live with finite resources (means not unlimited amount of water and electricity). We prefer a couple because the place is quite isolated and it can get really lonely up here in winter. Or a writer who needs to concentrate on their work. The pictures in the ad are of summertime but don't let this mislead you. Winter is cold. Foggy/rainy/snowy.
This ad is mostly interesting for people with an interest in self sustainability and want to try out how it feels to go back to nature. Nature we have a lot and it's beautiful. There are nice walks to make in the mountain and you will have the whole mountain for yourself (to share with some deer, wild boar, rabbits, foxes etc)

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Every morning the chicken coop needs to be opened and the chickens need to be fed. Every 3 days they need fresh water (or sooner if you see the water deposit is empty). Every night after sunset the chicken coop needs to be closed to protect the chicks against foxes and such.

What are the good features of the property and location

We live in a place of great beauty. Our water comes directly from springs in the mountain and is as pure and uncontaminated as it gets (The last water análisis has been done march 2021). We are the only inhabitants of the village which is both a pro and a con. We manage to live for great extent in a closed circle waste management, so our ecological footprint is really low. Our place is interesting for people with an interest in ecology and off grid living.

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

We are 15 km from the nearest shop so you need to be in possession of a car (or a bike and some really good legs. Or a donkey) to be able to get around here. You need to be aware that we are off grid so you need to take care of your consumption of both water and electricity. During the winter months electricity can run low and on very dark days it's possible the system will drop in the evening and you will be without power (lighting a candle gives a nice ambiance also). Internet will drop though until the system resets the next day when it has had enough light again. There is a wood stove in the kitchen to heat up the kitchen. Don't put too much wood because the stove works REALLY well. The chimneypipe goes through the master bedroom, heating the room a bit, but otherwise the house has no central heating. We will leave you enough firewood to get through winter.
It is possible to get snowed in during January or February. Normally these snowperiods don't last more than a few days and if you call the municipality (we will leave you their number), they come with the tractor to make the road free for you. Snow in the village is beautiful and I love these moments of snowyness but I understand it's not for everyone, hence the heads-up.

If you are a dog owner you can only bring your faithful four legged companion with you here if the dog in question has previous experience living together with chickens. Dogs that don't know living together with chickens will hunt them and that will either kill the chicken or make her stop laying eggs. Both of which are situations we want to prevent.

Last updated: 28 September 2021
Only 1 sitter has applied for this assignment

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