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House Sitter needed for a sweet little Boston and her cat sisters. Along with two parakeets in a house, nestled in a wooded area, but five minutes from town and Neighbors close by

United States, Hickory, North Carolina


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  • Period available: 5 days
  • Starts: 29 March 2023
  • Ends: 3 April 2023


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About this assignment

Hi there we are looking for someone who will give June, our Boston terrier, extra love. She is 12 and has cataracts. She likes to take walks outside on her leash and does a very good job. She can sometimes have a little PP accident in the house, so sometimes in the evenings will put a diaper on her but it’s usually not very much. We have supplies to clean that up and again, it isn’t all the time. We do have several cats to be fair, but we do have an actual cat room. We have three litter robots, which makes dealing with litter super easy. We also have two birds, Lars and Vanya, who live in a big flight cage and are pretty self-sufficient. Our home, except one of our largest parks here in Hickory. There’s a trail that goes out the bottom of our backyard, which is a flat trail which leads to other hiking trails to the park and there’s also at the top of our driveway, a public access where you can go into the park. Walking about 15 minutes through trails. The house is three stories and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The main floor has the kitchen, the master bathroom, and master bedroom. That’s mainly where June will hang out. The cats kind of rhyme, but two cats specifically like to sleep in the master bedroom. they keep that litter box cleaner. Sometimes it’s easier to keep that door closed at least half of the day. We would love you to take care of our sweet babies and enjoy your home, our back deck, and Jacuzzi, and give us the peace of mind, knowing that are babies are safe.

What responsibilities are required of the house sitter

Responsibilities will be to make sure the cats are fed and have a water. They drink out of one big water bowl in their cat room and have several bowls upstairs. You should not have to replace any litter for the short amount of time, but you may have to check on the litter robots to make sure that they are running correctly. It’s very simple. You may need to change them at least one time and that’s easily done. Also, you just pull out a trash bag and put it a new one. Also, June likes to take walks every day. She will walk up to 2 miles with you. This is usually when she does her number two and it’s usually around 5 o’clock or a little after. We like to walk at dusk. But really, she will probably do it Anytime after lunch. Again, the birds will probably just need to be fed once while we are on vacation. They are also very self-sufficient. They like the curtains opened in the morning so they can see outside. You do not have to cover them up because they sleep all night because they are good boys. we may have a few things to water but unless it’s just extremely dry, there should only be maybe two pots max. Everything else is usually taken care of by rain.

What are the good features of the property and location

I feel like our home and location has a lot of great features because I know you are five minutes from really neat local restaurants and a great side of town here in Hickory, you’re close to downtown, which is super nice and has a lot of fun things especially on the weekend at night Like being able to eat dinner outside if it’s warm enough. In the summer there’s always music on Friday nights outside in the Square. That for our home itself, we have two decks. One has a swing on the bottom deck, and the top deck has a Jacuzzi, which you are more than welcome to use as they are easily sanitized. We have a table with an umbrella if you like eating outside on the top deck. And even though you’re in a neighborhood, it is extremely private. Everyone is wonderful is very spacious, lots of sunlight, and just in my opinion cozy. The only thing that we do not use are the gas logs that’s only because right now we need to buy something to keep it from getting our television too hot!

What does the house sitter need to consider before applying for this assignment

You must love cats for sure, because we do have quite a few. Eight… Actually nine now that my daughter is back from college. But they are not constantly swarming you all up in your business. They kind of live on the top floor and hang out and come to visit you when they want. You will see them more right at night time before bed. Edmond, my oldest cat likes to drink water from the sink and will try to shower with you. So be forewarned lol it was my daughter’s first cat. He is 15. Very healthy. June might need a little extra care like I said, as sometimes she can have accidents more towards the evening. But normally they’re just a tiny tiny amount of urine. And it’s normally in my master bedroom unfortunately. There used to be carpet in there and we only lived here for a year, so I had the carpet ripped out of the whole house and I’m waiting for my flooring to be put in which it should be about the time. Hopefully you stay in our home! All the other house is done with the exception of my bedroom right now. A bedroom also has a litter robot. We try to keep blankets and covers on the furniture just because of all our babies but try to keep it looking neat and cute at the same time. It’s a little bit eclectic and bohemian and we love it. So the biggest thing would be getting June out for her walk or walks and if you feel more comfortable with her having a diaper on, she’s happy to wear it and I actually usually just rinse them out using Dr. Bronner‘s baby soap or if you’d rather you can throw them in the washer. Also, very important… When feeding the birds, you have to make sure that you kind of situate yourself in the large door, because if the birds get out, which is only happened one time, then we have one cat that is very good at catching bird but luckily, it was not a disaster! Best idea… Just put the cats out of the bedroom lol. At least while feeding the birds, which like I said, should only be once or twice.

Last updated: 12 March 2023
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